Tuesday 2 July 2019


Yesterday Rupert went awol for the whole morning.
You can just imagine how we felt, he never goes far and is never out for very long.

We tapped dishes like crazy, we shook boxes of biscuits like mad things and even resorted to walking all around the local streets calling out like lunatics.
Tom was gasping and I was limping but it had to be done.

Did he respond?  NO

Previously in the morning I had heard a cat growling but thought it was Polly as she keeps them all in order but I then thought maybe it was a local Ginger and Rupert was having a ding dong with him .

We ended up sitting in the garden thinking of all the things that could have happened looking at the gate waiting for him to appear.  He didn't.

After deciding that there was nothing else we could do we went inside.
About and hour later he nonchalantly walked into the kitchen as though nothing was wrong.

He has disappeared again this morning and we now think that he has found a place somewhere in a garden to keep cool.
No doubt he will be back later when he gets peckish. 
 The worst thing is that he was probably listening to our frantic calls and just blinking his eyes, lol


  1. Glad he returned! Now you’ll worry less if he goes missing for a while.

  2. maybe he has found a feline friend and making babies? so glad he came home and is ok... we panic to when Big disapears and he is in a fenced yard. we do the cracker jar to call and shake his beloved ball, both of which have worked so far. welcome home Rupert

  3. Cats do that sort of thing with no regard for our feelings! We mourn their possible demise and then [if we/they are lucky] the cat in question strolls back in. I hope he's not going to be a worry all summer!

  4. So glad he came home, without a care in the world! The cat we had, a beautiful long-haired Tortie called Sally, used to disappear for hours at a time. It was only after several weeks we found out she'd been visiting several neighbours, just strolling in through open back doors and windows, and they were all feeding her!

  5. I'm glad he came home unharmed. Let's hope he has a nice shady spot nearby and can enjoy it without incident. Hugs to you and Tom.

  6. Such a scare! I remember when our Simba disappeared for FOUR days, in an ice storm. I hope he found a safe spot.

  7. That is just like a darn cat, isn't it? A dog, now, would be at your feet before the first shake of the treat bag was completed . . .

    So glad he's safe. One winter I thought one of our cats had gotten out. I hunted our property and the one next door, following kitty footprints in the snow. After three trips out to look for her, and giving up, I came back in the house and there she was stretched out on the kitchen floor. I can well imagine your panic, and your relief.

  8. That is one beautiful cat! He may think you need to appreciate him more or may be a neighbor is feeding him. mmmmmmm.

  9. I'm glad he returned home. Gizmo stays out all night on hot nights and full moons! x

  10. He's got the most lovely expression.... what a sweetheart.

  11. Phew I was so relieved to hear he was back home♥ He is just so gorgeous♥

  12. Rupert is a good looking cat. So glad he came home without incident. That's always a worry with an inside-outside cat. Years ago we had a cat go missing for 3 months. She left at 12 pounds and returned at 4 pounds. When the Vet checked her, he said it was obvious (from her poop) that she had been living on crickets. She survived and never wanted to go out again.

  13. For a while there you had us wondering where you were going.

    Did you give the rounds of the kitchen?

    I remember the instant relief at seeing them - then the feelings of 'anger' at what they'd put you through

  14. The neighbours probably thought you were fans of Rupert the Bear and you were out looking for him - not realising that he was just a cartoon bear - created by Mary Tourtel in 1920.

  15. Typical ´leave a message and I will get back to you´cat response, but very worrying at the time, having 10, we know this feeling very well xcx

  16. I bet he was sitting in the shade laughing at you.

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