Saturday, 26 October 2019

10 cm LONG.

Rupert is home after spending Friday night in the vets.
The vet wanted him to stay another night but at £200 per night we decided to bring him home.
I think it was the right decision as he has already eaten a little bit and would not eat in the vets.
A fur ball (or sausage, more like) 10cm long was removed once again.
This is the second time he has been operated on for this complaint and although I would do anything for him, if it happens again I think the only option will be to have him put to sleep, and apparently it could recur unless we can do something.
Apart from the trauma caused to all of us the cost is just ridiculous.
Both times it has cost us well over £1,500.
We just cannot keep finding this kind of money.
So, we have to devize some way of getting the fur through his system without clogging up.

I asked the vet for advice and have to say that they were not very helpful apart from trying to sell us the usual fur ball paste that Rupert can detect a mile away and will not eat.

I have been reading that liquid paraffin may be helpful and wondered if I could dribble a little on his food.
Also I read that Psyllium sprinkled on the food may also help.

They did mention that he has a full colon that needs to shift so we are still not out of the woods and I shall not be happy until I see him do a big poo.....

Both Tom and myself have never shed so many tears as we have over this weekend.
Non pet owners would not understand but those of you with cats and dogs will know how much they mean to us all.

On a lighter note,  I didn't worry so much about Tom when he was going down for surgery as I have with Rupert, lol
Animals can't tell you how they feel whereas Tom could, that's my theory anyway, lol 

I must say thankyou to all of you who kindly commented.


  1. I'm glad you have him back with you at the moment but I completely understand the terrible worry and the dread of being in this spot again.

    Years ago a vet told us to add vegetable oil to our cat's food to help grease the passage of furballs through the system. But our cat didn't have long hair and she didn't have the extreme problem your Rupert does. But perhaps it's worth trying because he may like the taste and actually take it in. I'm sorry; I wish I could be of better help. If good wishes could help the problem, I know you have those from all of us and then some.

  2. Glad to hear one step forward. I suppose you have tried googling it? We have never had this problem so no advice here - sorry. Our remaining cat has asthma so has a daily steroid and has liver support tablets which cost a fortune. But we pay dont we.x

  3. We have one cat that doesn’t throw up hair balls easily. She coughs and coughs and sometimes I think she’s going to choke.. but luckily she eventually gets them up. We do use Laxatone (the paste) with her... and the others for good measure. One loves the stuff (which comes in several flavors) and will lick it straight from the tube - but the other 2 have to have it rubbed across their mouths and chins - it sticks and they have to lick it off. I sincerely hope you find something that works for Rupert.

  4. I absolutely understand the feeling, they have no way to communicate, we can't even say we will come get you, they feel abandoned. that Psyllium helps keep me regular so it might help with making him have a BM.. it certainly can't hurt.. we could not pay those prices either.. prayers for all of you. have you googled for natural ways to help with fur balls?

  5. So glad that Rupert is back home. That's a mighty hairball. And you even brush him which would keep the excess hair to a minimum. Have you tried plain petroleum jelly. That's what is in the hairball medicine. Some of my guys who didn't like the paste didn't mind the petro jelly.

    I know we wouldn't be able to afford that kind of expense, but we do what we must to keep our kitties
    going. What kind of food is he eating?

  6. Although I have 5 cats like you, I havent had a problem with fur balls.I only have 1 long haired one which is their Mam.They do puke up long things,that sometimes look furry but once they have been sick,which is usually food,then they are fine.I hate to say it but sometimes I think that vets think that they can charge what they like because they know we care so much for our pets.I am now able to use the PDSA,and I put my trust in these much more than I ever put in the vets.I always leave a good donation because the care and communication I have with them is so much better than I have had with vets over the years.This year when I went for flea tubes from a local Pets At type place...where I go every year...they wanted to know all 5 of my cats weight?,how tall they were?,were they happy?...well they are always smiling so I presume so,lol..and my hubbies inside leg size.If I didnt know the answers,they said that they need me to bring all 5 cats to them to be checked a they could sell me the flea treatment..They hadnt got fleas,it was just what we do every year to prevent it.I told them...errrm,to keep it and I would try else where.I phoned up the PDSA and they said that,I could come and buy some from them...It was £8 cheaper.It seems to me that some vets are just out to make money,playing on our emotions.Sorry,but thats just how I feel.Hope that Rupert is on the mend soon,xxx

  7. That's a heck of a cost. I sometimes find a furball on the carpet, not that big though. The cyst on my ovary was 10cm long, thought you might like to know that ;o)

  8. Several people including my vet suggested adding canned pumpkin to my dog's food, because it is healthy, tasty and low calorie. I think it might help with your dog's problem, maybe make it easier for him to do his business as it makes "it" softer. Yes, our dear fur babies can be expensive, $1,200 for dental surgery for my Bounce this summer.

  9. I'm glad that Rupert is back home with you. I'm sure it makes him feel just as better as it does you. I hope you can find a solution for his problem. I do totally understand how you feel. It's so very hard to see them hurting.

  10. Oh, my heart aches for you...I hope you can find some kind of plan that works for Rupert. They are our children and they love us unconditionally. I somehow missed yesterdays post, but maybe it was for the best...I would have bawled...for you and for the memories it would have brought to mind.

  11. Poor Rupert! He doesn't realise that his bad habit could lead him to his death. If only there was an NHS for cats!

  12. I found this site online that gives some good home remedies:
    Maybe Rupert will go for one of them! So sorry to hear that he is going through this and that you are too.

  13. Poor Rupert! I would ask around at animal charities and RSPCA to see if they have any recommendations since your vet has not been helpful. That cost is staggering, I'm so sorry.

  14. I am so glad to know that he is still with you, and back home. I have seen several different hairball remedies in the pet store. One is liquid, that I think you mix in their food. I have also read that if you brush them several times a day, that helps get rid of the excess fur that they would otherwise lick off. I am so very sorry!

  15. Oh Briony I'm so sorry for your pain, I hope you all had a good night. Vets bills are horrendous, but they have us over a barrel don't they? We have insurance, but there's an excess and Betty's treatment for her ongoing ear infections comes below the excess, so we have to pay it each time.

  16. So glad hes back home, silly amount of money I agree, and hes probably happier at home. Im a dog owner so no suggestions about furballs sorry,

  17. So glad it was a fur ball and nothing more worrying.
    I fully understand your dilemma we love our cats but frequently having to find that sort of money is a real problem for many of us. Sorry I don't have a solution to fur balls. Hope he soon has a good poo and is back to normal.
    Best wishes Willy Wombat

  18. Oh poor Rupe, and poor you on the cost. I hope Rupert gives you lots of love and cuddles to pay you back x

  19. Oh Briony I'm so glad Rupert is home with you.....that's one heck of a furball! Hopefully he'll soon have a poop just as long! Not had furball problems with any of ours so can't offer any wise words.....fingers crossed it won't happen again as that's one cost you can surely do without. I see some comments have mentioned PDSA......would they be able to help? Sending cuddles to Rupert x

  20. I am pleased to hear Rupert is back at home again, although that cost is eyewatering. I agree with other comments about investigating the possibility of PDSA being able to help. I am sure you have already googled it, but other long haired cat owners may be able to offer advice. What a horrible worrying time for you all.
    Best wishes

  21. Glad Rupert is home again. My Gizmo is long haired and he used to ingest a lot of fur when washing. I have given him liquid paraffin successfully in the past getting him to lick it off my finger or dribbling a little bit on his food. Daily brushing also helps. x

  22. Really happy to hear Rupert is back home♥ Our cat looks exactly like Rupert with long fur, as part of her diet we buy hairball control biscuits which do help although she is only 3 years old. Hope you can find a solution as vet bills are so expensive:( xx

  23. I'm glad to hear you say that about your worries. I'm the same way about Olga -- her health problems worry me far more than Dave's! (As you said, people can communicate. With animals you just have to wonder.)

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    1. Who wants to be rich, powerful and famous? Such goals in life are hugely overrated. I would rather be kind, creative and contented.

  26. If you shave all of Rupert's fur off he will have no problems with furballs. You could keep him warm by making him a Rupert the Bear outfit. Just something to consider.