Monday, 28 October 2019


Some people have mentioned that canned pumpkin is good for cats that suffer from hair balls.
I have taken a look online and found this

I found some on Amazon at £10.00 for 3 tins,
I then looked at our supermarkets and saw that Waitrose and Sainsbury do exactly the same make for £1.65 per tin.
What's going on there then, it means that Amazon tins are twice the price of our supermarket.
Amazon are cheating the public on that one.

I shall be getting a can today and hope that Rupert accepts it.
I have read that some cats love it as a treat so here's keeping my fingers crossed.

Here he is when just a small kitten, he still has that adorable face now, no wonder we love him so.
I think it's the eyes, they are sort of sad.

He is eating and drinking okay so it's all looking hopeful except all of the others are being snooty to him.   I expect he still smells a bit vetty.
Last night he just wanted cuddles and fuss and more of the same , and he got it in spadefuls. 

Thanks for the suggestions for the hairball but I'll certainly try them if the pumpkin doesn't go down well.

So, once again we will try to relax and get some normality into our days, it seems lately that everyday has a trauma.


Tom is having to adjust his way of life and accept that he is unable to do certain things anymore and it's not easy for either of us.
Until now he has soldiered on  trying to keep doing the everyday normal things but it's proving to be unhelpful to his breathing so after another pow wow we have decided that carrying shopping or anything of any weight is out, also bending is a problem  as it restricts his breath.
The stair lift will have to be used at all times and one or two other adjustments.
It's not nice when panic takes over when trying to get the next breath, for him or for me to be there and not able to help.
Of course this last weekend didn't help as stress also makes things worse but we are over all that now and the sun is out.
What more could we want. 


  1. Well, excellent health and no worries would be good....but sunshine will have to do! Our Betty (yes I know she's a dog) has cooked sweet potato or winter squash mixed in with the homemade food I give her, she loves it. I do hope both Rupert and Tom have a good week, meaning you can have one too. xx

  2. I hope that this week is less stressful for you all. Fingers crossed that the pumpkin will help. Adjusting and accepting that things have to change with age or illness is a hard lesson for all of us - I hope Tom will get some relief.
    Best wishes

  3. Here's another one hoping things Buck up for Tom and also Rupert. And that life is good to you as well:)
    Take care

  4. I heard papyya takes away the hair balls too😁

  5. I've heard canned pumpkin is good for clearing all sorts of blockages from animals. It works in dogs too, apparently. Lots of soluble fiber, I suppose!

    Sorry to hear about Tom. Life can sometimes seem like a long process of slowly letting go of things, can't it?

  6. I pleased for you that things are calming down a bit!.I hate stress and have had it in bucket fulls this last weekend.It is so draining isnt it.Well as long as the sun is shining in Brighton,thats all that you all need!!.Sit at the top of the stairs,in your lovely garden,and breath in that sea air,with the sea gulls flying above.Perfect and better than any tablets from the doc!!Love to you all,xx

  7. I hope the pumpkin works and keeps Rupert clear of Hair balls. I hope Tom settles into his new lifestyle, adapting to change can be hard. Its feels very cold here today but the sun is shining.

  8. I hope that Rupert likes the pumpkin and that it does the job of taking care of those hair balls.
    I also hope that things settle down and stay there so you guys can just relax and enjoy.

  9. The pumpkin may have been sold by a third party seller, Amazon can't be blamed in that instance as they don't control the price.

  10. we had to feed Jake pumpkin for his stomach, the canned at Walmart runs between 90 cents to 2.00 a can. Jake ate one can a week. I did not even think about it for cats. hope he loves it like Jake did, I just plopped a spoon in the bowl and he ate it like candy.

  11. It is so hard to not be able to do the things we want anymore. I am so sorry. I wait your post about how Rupert likes the pumpkin! I agree about the sad eyes.

  12. I can imagine how scary it is for Tom to not be able to breathe properly. All you can do is take each day as it comes and find what is doable, what isn't and what can be done differently. I've not heard of using pumpkin for hairballs. Hope it does the trick. Take care.

  13. I can see my OH slowing down.It is difficult to accept.Hope Tom just takes each day as it comes and doesn't push himself too hard.

  14. Never heard that one about canned pumpkin. Hope he decides it's a treat and not a trick!

  15. Keeping everything crossed it works:) Getting old is hard at the best of times without any health problems, making the small changes as you are doing will certainly help Tom and you♥ The sun is shining here:) xx

  16. Hope you find something that works for the cat. I am with Tom. Life is so difficult. Pace yourself was the last advice I had medically.....

  17. I hope Rupert likes the pumpkin and it's a success. And it's so hard to accept limitations, isn't it, when a person has been used to doing everything. It just doesn't feel good at all. It's excellent that you can talk about it together and move forward together. Some folks blame their partners for everything when it's nobody's fault, it's just the way things have to be.

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