Wednesday, 9 October 2019


The cats brush is kept in the top drawer in the kitchen.
Beware the person who opens this drawer as it has a unique noise that 5 occupants of this house will come running for.
It can mean only one thing to these little menaces,  A BRUSH!

Pre brush, Rupert quite content watching the goings on from the draining board.

Polly watching the goings on from the work top.

Princess quite happy in the box on table.

Willow sitting at my feet on cheerful kitchen floor.
And then the brush comes out.

Polly hidden by 'The Chief Brusher' with Rupert waiting for his turn.

Notice the snazzy purple loungers that the 'Brusher ' is wearing.
A gift from daughter Penny when he was in Hospital.

Nice sunny morning so far here, out for burger with Matt (son) today, yum yum...


  1. I wish Gibbs would enjoy being brushed as much as your cats do. He hates it and runs when he sees the brush.

  2. enjoy your burger out today. i enjoyed the Cat Brush Show today. ha ha handsome guy in purple.

  3. So funny! My cat used to be very ambivalent about being brushed. She liked it until she HATED it -- and that switch got flipped pretty quickly!

  4. I spose I ought to be brushing Oscar, but he would hate it and put up a fight. He won't even let me pick him up.

    1. My troll is having a field day at the moment, following me around. Must be so stressful for them.

  5. I was just reading your sign about chips and cats in the background! I shall stick with one, but a client of mine has 9 lovely ones. Arilx

  6. Does Tom also give Mrs Cater a good brushing down once in a while? I guess you have to leap up on the kitchen work surface when it is your turn.

  7. Our 3 all love to be brushed... but Ghost loves it the most! And yes, when they see the brush come up, they line up. So funny!

  8. iThat is funny...I have a little comb, and all I have to do is show it to Bubbie and he comes running.

  9. Excellent training, you two! I believe any cat can be trained to enjoy being brushed, the trick is to start slow and always stop just before the cat gets tired of it, which you can tell if you watch the cat's tail, ears and eyes. Over time you can do more and more. One of ours was eventually trained this way, which I never thought would happen but with patience it did. Our neighbour pulls knots out of her cat's coat with the brush and wonders why the cat doesn't like it :(

    Your cats are so beautiful and well-tended. They are lucky kitties to have such a good home.

    New loungers/pjs are always appreciated. That's what my husband likes to wear at home once he's ready to relax.

  10. The stained glass behind your work top is gorgeous! I also love the colorful curtain around the bottom and the little hearts over your sink. What a beautiful kitchen you have!

  11. I love your pictures of you kitchen and enjoy all you pet friends and the look of those purple jammies too!

  12. What beautiful cats, and they actually enjoy being brushed, you've trained them well. We've brushed Archie (Cavalier King Charles) every single day since he was a puppy, we have to otherwise his ears get matted, yet he still runs when he sees the brush.

  13. My Uno puts my brushing on a meter. I usually get in a minute's worth of brushing, then my time is up apparently and he saunters off! Your cats are gorgeous xxx

  14. Wow lovely cats. So cute. Thanks for sharing.