Wednesday 20 November 2019


A Mandala is a spiritual symbol representing the Universe. It's a tribute to the harmony between all the parts of the whole. Making mandalas is believed to be an incredibly soothing process, linked to serenity and personal growth.

I think this is somewhat true as I am finding making these quite therapeutic.
I am thinking of backing them and hanging them from a pole or similar, I'm sure I have an empty wall somewhere.

I have made crochet toys and blankets  but the crochet that goes into some of these Mandala's is a lot more intricate and I'm really enjoying making them.

I got myself a little treat and it came this morning.
I am going to make a new Mandala and it required cotton yarn.  Now, the man of the house would argue that I have enough yarn to sink a battleship, I tried to explain that I didn't have much cotton and certainly not in the colours required, and so he huffed and admitted that I needed it. lol

I ordered this yesterday from the 'Wool Warehouse' and it came this morning, that's efficiency.
I would order from them again as they were quick on the phone and very, very helpful.

So many gorgeous colours and being cotton it has a sheen to it.

This is the new one I am going to attempt, bit tricky and may take a time but isn't it lovely?

Here's what I have to date.

This is the latest one and I learnt quite a lot from this one using methods that I have never come across before.

This one is simpler but I added gold yarn and a few beads to jazz it up a bit.
The yellow one is pretty plain but still good therapy.

Hope the sun is shining where you are and thanks for all the comments on the post about the phone theft, including all the mean one's.  I guess we are all entitled to our own opinions, LOL


  1. they really are quite beautiful. I did smile a little that you ordered cotton yarn from The Wool Warehouse.. I know nothing about yarn, but you really are gifted at making it beautiful.. did not know about the mandala, but have to say trying to create one would make me crazier than I already am.

  2. Beautiful colors! I like that green yarn especially.

  3. A beautiful collection you've been busy with Briony. Nice selection of cottons for the new ones. A girl can never have too much wool - stocks as good as money in the bank my late father in law used to say!

  4. I love working with cotton. And those are such yummy colours. Enjoy!

  5. They are beautiful! And could also be used as coasters when company comes. It's hard to pick a favorite, but maybe the last one that is golden edged, or the little one edged with royal blue. The one with the orange squiggles around the edge is so unique and fun!!!

  6. You've chosen some beautiful colours and I'm very impressed with the mandalas you've already made, they're beautiful. They're probably a very good way to learn new stitches and techniques along the way too.

  7. I love mandalas. Don't tell anyone but I bought some small balls of very pretty wool from Aldi last week.

  8. Wow that was fast delivery. Beautiful colors and all the mandalas you have made so far look fantastic.

  9. What wonderful colors of cotton yarn. I look forward to seeing your Mandala created from them. These patterns looks difficult to me. I've not tried to make any yet, they look difficult. I've been crocheting for 55 years, my favorite afghan pattern has been one called 'The Sampler' with each row being different. I also have a stash of yarn. ~ A little while later, you inspired me to get out some yarn and I found Sophie's Garden pattern and have started. ;-)

    Happy Crocheting ~ FlowerLady

  10. They are all so beautiful...seeing these makes me wish I did crochet, but I really don't need any more hobbies. I love the colors of your new yarn, and specially love that it is cotton. The one you plant to make is beautiful!

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  12. I admire your mandalas. Is that a rude thing to say to a lady?

    Keep up the good work Briony! If you have any spares in the future take them round to your local Oxfam shop with a label "Handmade in Brighton for Oxfam" with a little explanation about mandalas. I am sure they would command a decent price.

  13. What lovely work you do, Briony.

  14. Oh, those colors are so nice!