Monday 11 November 2019


I read today about the dangers of hot water bottles.
I had to laugh, although I do realise that if they burst they could do damage but really, if you check the bottle from time to time for wear and put the stopper in firmly there should be no accidents.

I just wondered how people would have got on in the 40's and 50's when Tom and I were children.

Tom came from a very large family and they all had a beer bottle filled with hot water and wrapped in
an old jumper.  Before you say Arggggggggh, they were very thick glass back then with screw in stoppers and there were no accidents.

We were a bit posher in my house.
I had one of these.

And when filled with water it weighed a ton.
This again had to be wrapped in a jumper as it was so hot !!!
If you turfed it out in the night the noise of it falling on the floor would wake the dead, lol

I wait with bated breath each day to see what new thing they can come up with to make out they are looking out for us.   (whoever they are? )

What happened to common sense?


  1. I had one of those as s child, then when I was about 4 I had a puppy shaped water bottle for Christmas. I loved it. I sure if someone developed a common sense app there may be more of it about!

  2. common sense is rapidly becoming a thing of the past... I never lived where it was cold enough to need one of these, and have never heard of putting hot water in a bottle or seen one of these.

  3. I read lots of ridiculous warning labels like "knife is sharp", I think the labels are for legal defense of the manufacturers. Silly really.

  4. I didn't even know these existed. I remember the old red rubber ones that you filled with water and put at the foot of your bed.

  5. I didn't know about these, either - intriguing! We had the red rubber kind and I can't ever remember taking one to bed to keep warm even though our house was very cold in the winter. They were used in our family if you had a stomach ache or some other illness. I used to fill one for one of our cats who was short-haired and always chilly in the cool weather. He had to be kept separate from our other cats and I felt sorry for him having no one to snuggle up to.

  6. It's just become cold enough for hot water bottles. I heat the water in a kettle on top of the log burner and tonight I will have a lovely warm bed to climb into

  7. Last night i was so cold i actually filled an empty wine bottle with hot water and put it in the bed to warm it up - and it worked!

  8. My kids bought me an animal one that you put into the microwave to heat up, you have to be careful with that as its so easy for it to get far too hot even with just a few extra seconds.
    Stay warm and snuggly x

  9. There isn't much common sense in the world today and it seems crazy to have to warn people about everything.
    I can imagine the noise that water bottle makes when it hits the floor.

  10. Common sense was made illegal back in 2011 by David Cameron. I thought you would have heard about this and I am frankly surprised that Sussex Police have not yet paid you a visit! Many sensible people have been arrested. On the other hand, I am completely safe as I had a commonsensectomy last year.

    1. You joke about being arrested YP but it isn't entirely impossible in the future. Who would have thought when I read my brothers 'Dan Dare' comics that man would go into space or that we would be able to see each other when making a phone call.

  11. We always used a plain ol' rubber hot water bottle and we never had any trouble. I can't imagine how that could be considered dangerous.

  12. My husband recalls what his family called "the cage" to warm the bed. Basically, a home-made metal cage with a light bulb, plugged in and put under the bedclothes. Obviously, you took it out before you got into bed! He says it really warmed the bed, but I can imagine the "elf and safety" brigade having a heart attack! I think I'll stick to my trusty rubber hotties, with home-made crocheted covers.


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