Thursday, 5 December 2019


Recently Tom had a visit from the Physiotherapist to give him some advice on his breathing.
He was a nice enough man but he obviously wore ear plugs when not working as he had two large loops of skin hanging on each side of his face that would normally accommodate the ear plugs.

This is a stock photo, not the actual man and this man has the plugs in.
Quite honestly it would have been better for the Physio to have kept them in rather than the loops of skin hanging down.
I don't know about you but it made me feel quite queasy looking at them.  

Being the age I am I can remember when professional people would be dressed appropriately for the job and I'm not saying that it meant that he was not good at his job but it was just not nice.

Is that just me?


  1. No it's not just you, I think the same. Although as you say it does not mean they are not good at the job, I think first impressions count and people rightly or wrongly form opinions on first impressions.
    I don't like to see those big holes in ears, imagine what they will look like when they are old, men's ears seem to get bigger with age so they will be resting on his shoulders when he's an old man, lol

  2. That's a bit frightening, and I'm younger than you are, so it isn't just you.

  3. Can't say I like those plugs or the holes they fit in, but I think it's because I haven't been accustomed to seeing them my whole life, as youngsters today have. Part of the eww factor for me is because I'm not used to it, but that doesn't make it any less eww-y. Can you imagine how busy the plastic surgeons are going to be 20, 30, 40 years from now when all these fads need reversed? lol

    I wonder how our grandparents felt about us piercing our ears in the sixties and seventies. Was that a new idea for them? Did it gross them out? Now you have me thinking.

  4. I watched a TV programme where a woman had had her ears like this and now wanted the holes sewn up. It was quite a complex thing for the surgeon, as she wanted to leave small scars. They looked so much better when they had been done. I have my ears pierced, but wouldn't want the holes any larger.
    Best wishes

  5. Maybe for some reason he couldn't wear them? Like, his ears were irritated or something? I think ear plugs, like tattoos, are probably something often regretted by people as they age!

  6. It's amazing how things have changed . When we moved here ( 17 years ago) the big local supermarket had a rule about the checkers not having visible tattoos or more than one ear piercing. My goodness - you should see them now! I hate those earplugs but just as bad are the nasal piercings with balls at the base which makes it look (to me) as if the person's nose is dripping!

  7. Me too! You are one up on me, because I didn't even know what they call these ear things. I agree that he would have looked better with them in, but maybe the job has rules of dress. More and more these days, it seems that people want to...well...kind of mutilate their bodies. I have seen some beautiful tattoos, and now I sound like such a stick in the mud. So funny, at first I thought you had asked the man to pose for your camera!!

  8. My son's girlfriend is covered in tattoos and has those horrid 'spreaders' in her ears. Such a pity as she is a lovely girl and I am sure she will regret it when she gets older.

  9. The times they are a-changin', Briony. But I agree with you in that the therapist should have kept the plugs in his ears.... however, I'm guessing his employer wouldn't allow it. I am heavily tattooed... started when I was 52 years old. I think common thought is like Cherie's above.... that folks will "regret" tattoos when they get older. If you have high quality tattoos, stay out of the sun so they won't fade, and take good care of them... they will stay beautiful forever. I've never once regretted my tattoos and I'm now 63 years old. But everyone's different. I pray that one day there's more tattoo and piercing acceptance and that both will indeed be looked upon as "professionally acceptable". Love, Andrea xoxo

    1. I do think some tats can look very beautiful but I was at a funeral the other day and a young man had them all over his face. It looked blimmin awful.

  10. I find that to be the most disgusting looking thing there is. I thought all the piercings were bad but the ear thing is just plain gross. I can't stand seeing people with it. I can't imagine why anyone would want to do that to themselves.

  11. I will have to say I had much rather the plugs be in...I have read with interest everyone's comments.

  12. I wouldn't choose them, but each to their own I guess. My son had a tattoo done in the summer. He had wanted one as soon as he was 18 and I persuaded him to wait until he found a design he really wanted and to check that he was sure. He did wait 3 years and spent a lot of time deciding what was right for him. He went to a good tattooist and has had it done where he can easily cover it up. It's a compass and is very apt because he loves travelling and is training to work abroad. Arilx

  13. No. It is not just you Briony. Those huge piercings are horrible and people who choose to have them are unconsciously following their tribes like sheep. They seem disregardful of how others might view them and we know for sure that as they grow older they will regret their stupidity.

  14. I agree that all the piercings and tats just does not seem very professional. Makes me kinda sick to have to look at them. But we grew up with a generation that was prim and proper. I like prim and proper but now it seems that anything goes.

  15. I understand that times change and it's not up to my taste to dictate how others adorn themselves or alter their appearance. But as a point of etiquette, how does one politely convey nothing personal, but their appearance is making me gag? This is my dilemma in these situations.


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