Monday, 20 January 2020


Most Monday's you can find me in the launderette just a few doors up from my house.
Unlike most people we do not own a washing machine and have never owned one.
When the kids were young I did all of my washing in the sink and just used a spin drier.
Arms like Popeye meant that it was no problem at all, but as we  are now just the two of us we do the one big wash each week.
Working out the cost of this we discovered that actually it isn't a lot more expensive than owning your own machine as generally home machines cannot take the big loads and my weekly lot would take
several washes.

Image result for launderette hove

Picture of my launderette

Today Tom dropped me off and went off to do other bits and pieces and a young chap came in needing change.  We do not have a lady in residence and I obliged him by having the exact amount he needed. I remarked that it must have been fate that I had the correct amount in my purse and  this was enough to spark a conversation with him.
In the short time we spoke we got onto some quite interesting subjects and it was a joy to talk to someone who didn't want to talk about pills and illness as most people of my age do.

He told me of a man who had some interesting stuff on youtube and had written books on the subject of 'how your mind affects your being' and as this is one of my pet discussions we got on like a house on fire.

After a while he went, intending to come back when his washing was done, and by that time I was finished and so never saw him again.

Dr Joe Dispenza
That is the man he mentioned he thought I might be interested in and I have had a quick look.

This man wouldn't know it but he made my day.
Funny old world isn't it?


  1. It's funny how a simple smile or a conversation with a stranger can make a day special.

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  3. What a nice young man. I'll go and watch the link, thank you.

  4. Maybe you made his day too Briony! You listened to him and showed interest. I think there must be two acceptable spellings of launderette/laundrette. I would tend to go for the spelling you used and not for the spelling on the shop front.

  5. I live in a teeny apartment and no room for a washer/dryer. Fortunately we have one in our building basement. Nice to discover your blog!

  6. You and he were both fortunate to have found each other. You probably made his day as well. Thank you for the link.

  7. Those chance encounters can really lift a person's spirits. And it's always nice to connect with someone of a different generation. Shakes things up :)

  8. Interesting! Thanks for sharing. I enjoy chats at the laundromat when I take my scatter rugs in to use their large heavy duty washer and dryer. Otherwise the time spent there can be very boring.💖

  9. Your Laundertte looks bright and cheerful. Here where I live there called Laundry Matts.

  10. Sounds like serendipity to me ... just what you needed. I do love having such enlightened encounters. Your laundromat looks like a cute little place and the fact it's not so far away from home is a bonus.

  11. Was it fate that you had the change that he needed, or that he had the conversation that you needed? Nice to know that you get what you need.

  12. what a great expeirece you had while washing your laundry. I love talking to people in new places and especially young people. we have zero contact with anyone under the age of 50, even our kids are seniors. I would have enjoyed the talk with this young man and I did watch the video. when he said disconnect I nearly went into withdrawal. but he is right. some of my most creative things happen when everything is quiet and I am just alone.. it is hard to get quiet alone though with both of us together 24/7. great post and I enjoyed it

  13. About 6 years ago,I was at Pimlico car boot in London and someone offered me a wooden box that her grandad had made years ago.It hadnt sold and said that I could have it for free.All my bags were full but I thought that I would just carry it.By the time that I have got up the road,I was flagging because it was so heavy.I went in to the local laundrette for a sit down while pondering what to do.There was a young guy in there,who got talking and said that I could have his huge Ikea bag to carry it home in!.I offered to pay him for it,but he said he was happy to help out.I thought that it was really sweet of him!.Ive still got the box with a big plant on in my kitchen..and Ive still got the Ikea bag as well.Maybe youngster these days should try meeting the man of their dreams in the laundrette instead of dating sites,lol.xx

    1. He told me he had lived in the area for 3 years but as we only go out in the car we do not get to meet the neighbours much. He was such a breath of fresh air with his ideas I would have loved to talk to him for a lot longer. I wonder if i shall ever see him again.

  14. Glad he made your day. I often get into conversations with people in the supermarket, the park or just in the street.

  15. Your story made me think of our daughter. Many years ago when she was 11 years old and in the 6th grade, we decided to enroll her in pupil school. She had always gone to a private Christian School. She was very nervous about not knowing any of the other kids, but that afternoon when she came home from school she was wearing a big smile. She said that all she had to do was walk up with a smile and say "Hi".
    She made many new friends all because she was open and friendly.
    There are so many good and interesting people in this world and a smile and a hello goes along way. Every new friendship starts that way.

  16. There used to be so many launderettes around. My mum had a twin tub when I was little but I'd go along with her to the launderette to use the dryers there, there was a choice of which one we'd go to but a few years ago now, our washing machine broke and the washing was piling up. I thought I'd take it to the launderette but I couldn't find one anywhere, they've all closed down. How lovely that you had such a nice conversation with that young man, perhaps you'll see him again on a future visit.