Saturday, 18 January 2020


Going through my craft books the other day I came across one I bought years ago but have never got round to trying.

It's to make tiny crochet dogs.
I'll have a bit of that I thought to do between embroidery.
So I raked out some black and white cotton and the hooks and decided to make one of these little fellas.

Aren't they cute?

One head, one snout, one tail and one ear so far.
The spots are felted on and I'm looking forward to doing that bit.
Got to find a small plastic nose from somewhere, probably on ebay and maybe some eyes.

Here's some of the others.
so cute.

It's 18 minutes past midnight as I'm typing this.   Tom is in bed but lately I find that I can't get to sleep if I go too early so tend to stay up a bit later and sew or crochet.
Actually it's quite nice, quiet and peaceful with most people in bed, lol


  1. After midnight seems to be time for creative me I too love the quiet and uninterrupted time 🕰

  2. They are adorable! I cannot wait to see yours!!! This will be different and fun.

  3. I've been tossing and turning for weeks now. Still make myself go to bed at the same time every night and stay there despite the fact that I can't fall asleep. Now my husband has started with a cough and is snoring so that doesn't help at all. The little dog is going to be so cute. A friend who makes cat cozies, makes the noses for them from air dry modeling clay. I thought they were plastic at first; she does such a good job of molding them.

  4. anything tiny is cute to me and of course these are dogs, so that makes them even cuter to me. can't wait to see the tiny dalmations

  5. Oh my, they are adorable. I tried once before to do a rabbit but I'm not very good at the increase/decrease and I gave up before I ever finished.

  6. They're so cute. I've never tried amigurumi but I've got Edward's Menagerie book which I mean to give a go at some point.

  7. They are lovely Briony.I wish that I could have the patience to do something like this!.At the minute Im sewing and mending my socks that have gone threadbare,lol.By the way,that was a lovely photo of you and Tom,xx

  8. They are adorable, looking forward to seeing what you whip up with your hook.

  9. You are like me - a night owl. Twit-twoooo! Looking forward to seeing your completed Dalmatian Cruella!

  10. On the very rare nights that I'm in bed with light out before midnight, I fall asleep early only to wake after a mere two hours. In the years when J. was often working away from home, I could sew late at night, run the vacuum cleaner--whatever I felt prompted to do. Now my midnight endeavors have to be quiet ones!

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