Friday, 10 January 2020


Despite not having blogged for a while over Christmas, we have both still been keeping busy.
Tom has finally finished the Ehrman Tapestry that has been ongoing for 4 years.
I'm sure you all know what it's like, you start something and them put it away, get it out and do a bit more etc, but he put the final stitches in and is very pleased with the end result.

I'm sure you will agree that it is beautiful and now we have to decide whether to make it into a cushion or a wall hanging.
Take note of how square it is. I don't know how he does this because all of the tapestries that I have made in the past have needed to be blocked.  Clever Mr T.

The problem with a cushion is that the full picture is never seen and it gets a bit worn after a while but a wall hanging will remain good for years.
We'll see.
He's now working on one that Tom Grandson bought for him last Christmas and has been waiting for the above to be finished.

I suppose you could say that this one is a bit more masculine than roses, lol

Progress so far.

And me.
I have treated myself to a box of  plastic snap poppers (it doesn't take much to get me all excited nowadays, a box of poppers or a few balls of wool and I'm thrilled for days, lol)

And made a new glasses case with the first popper for closure.

These cases are easy and quick to make and I can see there will be a few more in the pipeline.


  1. The tapestry is beautiful. I never thought about losing some of the design if you make a cushion but you're right. The new one is coming along nicely.
    Love your glasses case. I need one of those.

  2. Tom's tapestry is fabulous, a wall hanging would be nice. The new one looks interesting. The poppers are a good idea, I didn't know you could get those in lots of colours.

  3. Oh my word that is beautiful. How nice to see some stitched work done by a man

  4. The case is gorgeous! I would love to make that, it may be just simple enough for me. Tom does beautiful work! I think you should frame it and hang it, or display it somewhere. I have a small tapestry that I framed in a picture frame and put on the end table.

  5. Love the glasses case, a great useful present.

  6. Tom did a great job, what a pretty tapestry.
    One of the ladies at our craft group bought one of those snapper tools, she uses it for so many things - your case looks superb.

  7. For my craft project today, organized some of my fabrics and I have plent. I guess that counts

  8. Tom's work is as gorgeous as yours is, and that is definitely a compliment in case either of you is wondering :)

    I got all excited about finding painted jingle bells at the dollar store a couple of weeks ago, so I hear you on the simple pleasures - hah. The eyeglass case is a great idea and very pretty.

  9. Maybe you and Tom should start a market stall. I have heard that there are a lot of bohemians in Brighton. They would surely snap up your "ethnic" glasses cases and they could place orders with Tom for tapestries - though they might be waiting a while!

  10. I love tapestry it's so fun to do🦋

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