Thursday, 9 January 2020


On the 23rd December Tom reached the young age of 80 and the Government being so generous have given him an increase in his pension of 25p per week.

Image result for 25p

We're not sure what to do with it yet. 
 Might save it or go mad and spend it each week.

This is fact!


  1. Yeah our governemnt gave us 11 cents per month. I wonder what they think that will cover? Oh and they upped out taxes 127 percent! Thanks government.

  2. Now don't you go spending that all at once. The excitement at the thought of such wealth must have overwhelmed you.

  3. Pension and social assistance increases here are similarly pitiful and insulting. It's not like the government allowances are even adequate to begin with. So many live below the poverty line due to illness or accident, not because of intentions.
    It's good you can laugh at it all :)

    1. By which I mean, it's essential to have a sense of humour about it, otherwise it's just overwhelmingly depressing!

  4. same here in the usa… THEY call it cost of living raise, but we have yet to figure what living they are talking about

  5. It's ridiculous isn't it.How would they manage budgeting on a pension I wonder? It's a disgrace - 25p!!! Are they having a laugh x

  6. What a windfall that is. I hope all that wealth won't go to your

  7. Oh my! All these mathematicians, statisticians, economical advisers, financial planners ... and that's what they manage to determine is just and reasonable. What a joke! Truly ridiculous considering the amount of governmental waste and corruption.

  8. I agree that you have to laugh... we too have the same here. We get a small increase in our social security checks each year, but it's accompanied by a small increase in our medicare payments too. But when it comes down to it, I guess I'm just glad we have both.

  9. Maybe have fewer pets and then your money won't have to stretch as far?

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