Saturday 28 March 2020


Sitting in the car on the prom (before the curfew) we see all manner of things but this was a first.

Bit hazy as its taken through the windscreen, but it's a man dragging a cross along on his shoulder.
No posters to say why.
It has got a wheel on the end so that must help but I bet it was heavy nevertheless.
Maybe he's doing a penance of some kind.

By the way, nobody was batting an eyebrow, lol
That's Brighton for you.


  1. It's a "pick up your cross and carry it" kind of thing. It's more a sign of devotion than penance.

    1. Is it related to Easter, do you know, Lisa?

    2. Yes, it is an Easter thing. But it isn't usually done until Easter week.

  2. I guess we all have our crosses to bear...his just happens to be literal.

  3. How great that you had your camera. Something to do with Easter for sure. I hope he's not going to carry it TILL Easter!

  4. Pick up your cross & follow me... I'm guessing this man is encouraging everyone who sees him to pick up their cross as Christ did. How beautiful! Thank you for sharing, Briony. Love, Andrea XOXO

  5. Its something to with Palm Sunday which is 5th April this year I think? Don't suppose it will happen this year.....

    Julie xxxxx

  6. A theatre group in the city put on the Easter play and have exactly the same cross. I guess he was perhaps the 'main man' practising.

  7. How very strange to see. I agree from the comments that it is probably something to do with Easter approaching. Hope you and Tom are well Briony. x

  8. I too think something to do with Easter but no way to tell. did you search your news online? could be just about anything. you said this was before Virus curfew so a little early for Easter. interesting shot no matter what he is doing.

  9. It is now the season of Lent in the Christian calendar. It is the 40 days before Easter. Christ was forced to carry his cross through the streets of Jerusalem to his crucifixion site. Many Christians follow the stations of the Cross as a Lenten devotion and it is common to reenact Christ's journey through the streets as a processional during Holy Week, the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. I would think this would not probably not be allowed during these times.

  10. I have seen that fellow before. His name is Jesus and he comes from Nazareth. I believe he is heading for a hill called Calvary. Were there any Roman soldiers with him?

  11. Hmmmm. Seems rather extreme to me!

  12. There is a group of young people who every year walk to the Shrine in Walsingham, Norfolk at Easter every year carrying a cross very like the one you show. I don't know where they start from but they always used to come through the village where my mother lived, near Cambridge, and used to sleep for the night in the village hall. I'd guess that this gentleman may have been connected with them or someone like them.

  13. Witness Walk i believe is what its called , we have extreme christian friends and their pastor drags his cross out for a walk most days , havent seen him in the paper of late so he may be isolating . Nice bloke totally barking

  14. I've heard of someone doing this before. Like the first comment said it was a devotial type thing.

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