Monday 30 March 2020


What a trying time this is for us all.
We have been indoors for a while now and are getting a bit fugged.
This morning we walked up and down the back alley that runs along the back of the housed for a bit of fresh air.
Felt a bit silly but what else can we do for a bit of exercise? 
The jigsaws have come out again and my daughter is collecting some from us today (left in the garden on the bench for her) they are marvellous for taking your mind away from real life and the time just passes so quickly.

Of course all of the cats are blissfully unaware of anything other than whose going to get the best spots in the sun or on the chairs and when's the next meal. lol

Here's four of them (and a pair of legs, lol) and the other one is probably upstairs 'inside' my bed.

Rang the pet shop today and thankfully they are delivering, managed to get a couple of bags of 'Hairball Biscuits' so important for Rupert.
Daughter is coming with the shopping and running errands to bank etc and then we should be okay or another week.

Tom says hi from his corner spot where he's busy doing his new tapestry.


  1. Hope you received my email yesterday with the knitting pattern you asked me about? Let me know if not and I'll try again. (I sent it to the email address in your blog profile).

  2. Blessings on you and Tom and your feline family. Love, hugs and prayer ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hi Briony! Hi Tom! Nice to see you! :)

  4. It’s hard to be so confined when you’re not a cat!

  5. Nice to see Tom looking all smiley. I do like your animal print throws.

  6. Looks like a cozy house, cats and all! I'm sure being confined is a drag. Can you take a little neighborhood walk at a time when you're not likely to run into anyone -- maybe early morning? Or is that out of bounds?

    1. Where we live its quite hilly Steve and Tom can't do hills, that's why we were going to the prom as its nice and flat there.

  7. Change can be a challenge but we all need to do what we can to get through this. Keeping active, busy and creative but also finding time to relax are all important. (Baking cakes was a morale boost for us over the weekend!) Glad to see the cats are still managing to relax!
    Best wishes

  8. Make sure Tom knows we're all waving back to him, Briony! :-) It sounds like you're handling this current situation just fine, with lots of help. I think just about everyone is feeling confined at the moment and I'm wondering along with Steve Reed above.... can you walk in your neighborhood or is that forbidden by the government at this time? Hang in there, my friend. Love, Andrea xoxo

  9. Hi tom, how lovely to see you!!! Your kitty pictures are so sweet and cozy. I am glad you are not going anywhere, and are able to get supplies. We are doing jigsaws too!

  10. Hello Tom, you are looking good, mate.

  11. Some people's isolation is much more limiting than others', depending on how much personal space a person has. But you are doing what you can, and hopefully in a few weeks the number of cases will drop so low that some of the restrictions may be taken off again for awhile.

    Cats are such sleepers, aren't they? How is Bo doing these days? Hi to Tom!

  12. Hello back to Tom. I'm glad you are able to get deliveries and at least outside for a bit of fresh air. Animals are lucky to be unaware of any of what is going on

  13. Humphrey was quite sure it must be tea time at 1.40 today....he's a bit confused by why we're all here the whole time I think!

  14. Hi back to Tom and to you as well. Glad you are able to get a delivery of the important cat biscuits.

  15. Hello Tom Hello Briony

    Julie xxxxx

  16. Yay for good daughters and being set for another week! Your cats are all a lovely bunch.

  17. Glad you are both safe in your lovely home with the added comforting presence of your beautiful cats. Take care:)

  18. The missing cat was not in your bed after all, it was sitting on top of your stove! Forget Where's Wally?, Where's Pussy? is a much better game.

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