Wednesday 18 March 2020


I have mentioned before that we love our Mcdonalds every Wednesday.
We usually meet Matt (son) and chew the cud for a couple of hours over a big mac and chips to catch up on the weeks events.

With this virus going around and with Tom having lung problems it obviously isn't wise to be in close contact with people at this time and this includes our kids.

This put us in a spin, lol
What about the Wednesday Mcdonalds?

Fortunately we read that they were still doing 'take outs' and 'Drive throughs'.
Big Hurrah, lol

Quite a queue, but who cares, we are prepared to wait.

Take to nearby park and enjoy the view.

Two happy bunnies.


  1. yay for drive through and public parks... stay safe and next Wed hit that drive through

  2. That's a great photo of you two. I bet drive throughs make an absolute fortune.

  3. Nice to see those happy faces!

  4. I don't think mcdonalds would be my priority at a time like this

  5. What lovely beaming smiles you two have....must be the McDonalds! :-)

  6. People have to get creative at times of restrictions and this is a great example!

  7. Did you really eat your dinner off your dashboard?

  8. Well done. I might add that to a list we are making of things we CAN DO.

  9. I do like a Macdonalds! I've given up meat (for Lent but possibly longer) so I haven't eaten one on my way to orchestra at all!

  10. Enjoy your McDonalds! Before we know it, they may close down drive-thru's too. We don't use McDonald's much unless we're traveling. Then, McDonald's food, coffee, and their clean restrooms are our choice!

  11. Fabulous - there's always a way to do things. It's a 'look outside the box' and see how you can enjoy the things you always do.... so lovely to see your smiling faces.

  12. Great way to have your happy meal with the result of your happy smiles.

  13. How nice to see such happy faces! Thanks for sharing and I'm smiling right back at you!

  14. That what we are doing here in America too. Got to have your big mac😁

  15. The thing with maccies is there's more nutrition in the box than the burgers.

  16. In a month's time the "fix" will be a dry crust and a wedge of mouldy cheese washed down with tap water. McDonalds will be a distant memory like Mr Softee ice cream cones and air travel. Always look on the bright side of life.

  17. I'm glad you were able to work around the restrictions. You two look quite happy in that last picture

  18. Ha ha ha, enjoy your maccies:-) Although i'm slightly put of any fast food or takeaways because
    someone might have coughed over it when making or putting it up! Paranoid I know.
    Take care

  19. Excellent! You know, I never thought about it, but restaurants with drive-throughs are probably doing a booming business right now!

  20. Where there's a will there's a way! :)

  21. Wouldn't eat that muck if someone paid me!

  22. I love seeing happy faces at this difficult time. You and Tom look great! Please stay safe and as healthy as possible.

  23. Not anymore you're not lol

  24. I'm so happy you got to go to McDonald's! We enjoy our Sunday lunches at our McD's too, after church. But we haven't been since the beginning of March. It will taste good to us when this is all over. Love, Andrea XOXO

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