Friday, 27 March 2020


Buying a cream fitted carpet was not a good choice.
I knew it would get mucky with out lot but took the chance, however now after a few years and despite using several cans of vanish carpet cleaner it is the worse for wear.
So we have bought a couple of rugs, fairly flat so that we oldies so not trip on them and placed them over the marks.
Voila, the room now looks presentable again.

On behind the sofa and one 'not seen' in front.
Already in use in the ray of sunshine by Polly.
The best thing of all is that they do not show the hairs, hooray.

With Tom's complaint we are staying firmly indoors and our daughter is dropping food off in the garden.
So a good time to finish lots of stuff that I have got on the go.

A row of blackberries for a page in the 'Fabric Journal' that is still ongoing.
Might get a lot more done to that now, only wants the cover and putting together.

Hope you are all staying safe and let's hope it won't be too long before we are all back to normal.
Who knows, after this we may be more contented to stay in more.


  1. I stupidly bought a pale grey carpet for our sitting room but husband insists on walking all over it in his mucky shoes from outside. We now have a big rug too!
    You are lucky to have someone to deliver your food to save you from going out. We shall have to venture out to the shop tomorrow to see what's left.

  2. I love blackberries and buy them a lot. expensive little berries. yours look good enough to eat. 14 years ago we went with light colored in the bedroosm. wish we had not. love your rugs

  3. LOVE the berries, they really make the page pop. I've been wanting to pull up the wall to wall carpet, but we've not done it. It's not in bad shape over all, but there are some trouble spots. We've talked about it often; but somehow the talk hasn't led to action, lol. Who knows when that might happen. The pink is quite pretty and really brightens the room. Smart move to get a low piled one. As we age, it's important to make choices like that. Tried hard to get my folks to do that a few years back...even I would catch my footing in their home. But, sadly they didn't want to change. Multiple falls between them, so I applaud you being forward thinking. Stay well.

  4. I love the berries. I have light grey carpets and they can be cleaned with bleach if necessary. I will probably use rugs at some point in the future.

  5. I love the rug, where did you get it? We have the same big cream rug, with a huge coffee stain on it. I enlarged both your photos. The berries are gorgeous! They look like you used beads.

  6. Polly looks grateful for her new cosy rug (don't cats think everything belongs to them?)

  7. Love the berries and your new, cat friendly rug!

  8. Those berries look good enough to eat. We have tried on-line shopping for groceries today - tried both supermarkets and no slots available. Just get told to try again. It will be over a week.

  9. The rug looks great and since it doesn't show the hairs it's the perfect solution.
    Those berries almost look real.

  10. I can see what you have done with the brambles. You have embroidered the leaves and then you have placed real brambles in the spaces between! Cunning devil!

    1. You are so observant YP, I am going to have to be careful and put cling film over this page or it could ruin all the others with juice,lol

  11. We had a white kitchen fitted just before we got Archie, if I'd realised we'd be getting a dog I'd have never gone for white. He comes in from a muddy walk and shakes, well, you can imagine what the result is. Those blackberries are so clever, they look very realistic.

  12. Oh my goodness but those are realistic berries! Beautifully done.

  13. I love the blackberries, and bravo on the new rugs! Hope your family is staying safe, Briony.

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