Tuesday, 31 March 2020


We recently bought a small rug to go outside our bathroom in the hall.
Nice and colourful and it really brightens up the landing.
I was a bit dubious as it is slightly tufted, and tufted means lots of fun pulling bits out by you know who.

But it wasn't very expensive and if I stop to consider the cats all of the time we would live like monks in a cell, lol

This morning I was sitting catching up on the computer and heard a lot of scratching going on. I glanced out into the hall and saw Rowan trying to rip the rug to bits, I shouted loudly and she stopped.

A while later Tom walked through to the kitchen and announced that there was a pile of poo on the carpet.

And there it was, a neat little gift from Rowan.
Thankfully she hadn't spread it around and it was easily cleaned up but why on earth she did this I don't know.
It could have been because Princess was around as I know she sometimes waits outside the bathroom (where the litter box is) and ambushes her when she comes out.
But mostly Rowan usually goes outside in the small bit of garden,.
 I've recently emptied a couple of bags of fresh compost onto the square and maybe she doesn't like the feel of it.

Either way, I hope she doesn't make a habit of it.

Of course she may have got wind of the staying indoors, cats are cleverer than you think. lol


  1. ** Of course she may have got wind of the staying indoors, cats are cleverer than you think. lol ** Yes they are. Be well ~ FlowerLady

  2. Oh no, I hope she doesn't think it's her new litter tray.

  3. either answer could be right, but a third one is she thinks this is a bright new litter box. he he he

  4. Looks like she's given her opinion of the rug! Or maybe she thought she was adding to the random colours and pattern lol x

  5. Well, at least it's a multicolored kind of abstract rug!

    I had a cat years ago and decided to adopt a kitten, and the kitten would ambush the cat in the litter box. The cat decided to stop using it and use my couch instead. (Only for poos -- she'd still pee in the litter box. No idea why.) Anyway, it was a nightmare. I wound up having to swathe the couch in plastic bags and even after I gave the kitten to someone else, it took YEARS for the cat to go back to the litter box for a poo.

  6. Sometimes our cats get a bit of poo trapped in their fur and it doesn't come off until they've gotten out of the litter box. Hopefully this incident was something one-off like that! I do love the mat - so cheerful and it will hide a multitude of sins!

  7. Unfortunately once a cat finds a spot, they usually return to it - hopefully this won't be the case. But possibly Rowan figures the 'tufted' rug is like grass?? (just a thought)

  8. How could you be a monk in a cell? You would be a nun - Sister Briony! And you know what happens when a monk and a nun get together? Yeah. They poo on the rug!

  9. This is such a pretty rug. And the pattern does hide a lot! There the poop sits, but it blends in so well with the pattern that you can't really recognize it! I am wondering if she spotted something new that she liked, and wanted to mark it as her territory. That seems the likeliest to me.

  10. Ah the joys of being a cat mom...lol That's a pretty rug with all those colors.

  11. Glad you are both well and the cats are the same. I love the rug and Rowan was very naughty!!! My granddaughter's cat will always pee on any rug, blanket or towel left on the floor. She's a very old cat and I guess she doesn't want anything on her floor. Always love to hear about your cats.

  12. Let's hope it was a "one-off".

  13. Who knows what cats are thinking. I have yet to be able to figure them out. :-) Perhaps the color enticed Rowan too... for a different reason than yours. *lol* Love, Andrea xoxo

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