Friday 5 June 2020


My blogging has lapsed the last few days, lack of sleep owing to my joints, the hot weather and just pure laziness got in the way.
I can't get the enthusiasm up if I'm not feeling just so, but last night I had a wonderful nights sleep and wonder if it was because I changed my pillow, can't think of any other reason.
Also I've started to use coconut oil again and am putting a large dollop into my oats in the morning.

Animal research suggests that antioxidants called polyphenols found in coconut oil may be able to relieve some symptoms of arthritis. A study in rats with arthritis found that treatment with polyphenols from coconut oil reduced swelling and several inflammatory markers 

Anything is better than pill popping so will let you know if it makes a difference.

16 squares now made for the 'Many Cats Cushion' just the sewing together to do.

Two cats sewn on and 4 more made.
The white fluffy one has yet to be trimmed.
10 more to make.

Talking of cats, here is Rupert stretched out in all his glory on the crochet throw made way back.
I love all of my cats but Rupert holds a special place in my heart.
Not only has he had two major operations and come through without a whimper but he is the gentlest little soul.
He is by far the largest of the five and the others are all girls but he is scared stiff of them all and waits until the coast is clear before passing them.

Today so far it is beautiful sunshine and we are meeting our daughter in the park for a coffee.
She will have Bo with her and I'll try to get some pics of him.
My how he's grown from that tiny little bundle of fluff.
He's two years old now, where did that time go?


  1. I hadn't heard of using coconut oil to ease the pain of arthritis. I will have to google that one. Glad to hear that you had a decent sleep though. It's wonderful turning over and seeing that it is in fact morning and not the middle of the night isn't it.

  2. Time does fly, especially with regard to pets! I hadn't heard that about coconut oil. I hope your meeting with your daughter went well -- we've had rain off and on this afternoon here.

  3. I was just thinking about Rupert and wondering how he is after his nasty furball experiences. It is lovely to see him looking so happy and relaxed!
    The cat crochet is looking great!
    Best wishes

  4. A good night’s sleep certainly helps one function. You’re making good progress on the cushion.

  5. Hi Briony, I was just thinking about you this morning (were your ears burning lol). I didn't know about the coconut oil either, I've got a jar, will have to give it a try. Hope you had a lovely meeting with daughter and fluffy Bo.

  6. There's nothing worse than not getting a good nights sleep, I go through long periods of insomnia and feel like a zombie the next day.. That is very interesting about coconut oil, I hope that it does the trick for you, I always take cod liver oil and I can certainly tell the difference if I haven't taken it for a few days. Your cushion is coming on well, I hope you enjoyed the meeting with your daughter. Have a lovely weekend. xx

  7. I am glad to see a post from you, and sweet Rupert. I love your crocheted cats, they are awesome!! Hope the coconut oil continues to work!

  8. Hope your meet up went well.You wouldn't have sat out here in North Wales.The highest it got today was 11 degrees.We have just put the central heating on!!!

  9. It's amazing what a good nights sleep can do to boost wellbeing. I hope your good nights sleeps continue.
    Rupert is so lovely, furry cuddles from our home to him and love and blessings to you both. I hope your meeting was lovely and boosted all of you.

  10. Love those crocheted cats.
    I have arthritus so maybe I should give the coconut oil a try.

  11. I hope the coconut oil works and you can get some good nights sleep. I am hopeless if I don't get a good night. Coconut oil is in the dog food recipe we make up for Sophie (Labrador) could be why.

  12. I hope you notice a difference with the coconut oil intake. Pain at night makes it hard to get a good sleep.

    Rupert is such a sweetheart. Your description of his nature, and even his body shape and fur (although not his colouring) remind me of the cat we had who went to live with our son for his final years (the cat's final years, not the son's!) He was all black with that huge fluffy tail and so very gentle. Rupert looks very happy there.

    Love the little kitties for the cushion! Brilliant idea to make some of them fluffy!

  13. You could also try turmeric which is also good for joint issues. You are able to absorb it when you mix it with an oil so when I do my oats, I put some turmeric powder, a dash of black pepper, a sprinkle of salt, a good amount of cinnamon, maple syrup and heat it up then add walnuts and cashew or oat milk that I make myself. Really yummy! Can top with banana or some other fruit. Raisins also good. In fact, I might need to go make some right now.

    Rupert is a handsome boy and obviously just a big softy. Your crochet is coming along nicely. Take care.

  14. Love the crochet cats especially the fluffy ones.
    Nothing worse than not being able to sleep. I was discussing this with a friend only yesterday, she said she didn't sleep properly when there was a full moon,

    Julie xxxxx