Saturday 27 June 2020


I'm still battling on with the Ukulele and really enjoying it.
I have a few chords now that I can play with ease and a lot of songs use just these so my warbling is coming along nicely, lol
But when it comes to more intricate chords my fingers are just not long enough to get where they should be.
Maybe in time I'll stretch them and be able to reach but at the moment I just can't see how that will come about.

Really pleased that the weather has cooled down, we have both been flaked out with the heat not able to do much at all.
Today though, we went and did a bit of shopping and felt better for being out.

Those of you who thought that the plant in the alley was an Acanthus were right, the flower has come right out now but unfortunately it has broken off.
I've put it in water and am hoping that it will grow some roots, then I can plant it in the garden.
Anyone know if this is possible or am I on a wild goose chase waiting for roots. lol

I'm making mice in between trying to finish my cat cushion.
I am putting a bell inside.
As you can see, this one is already getting mangled. lol
They really love them.

Have a good weekend


  1. After today's accident with my scissors I just need new fingers! Enjoy the ukelele practice. You can be a new George Formby xx

  2. Hope the accident wasn't too bad. I'll have to look for 'Leaning on a lamppost music' lol

  3. Your little mouse is delightful. Arilx

  4. Our Domino the cat would love the knitted mouse with the bell. How clever. Sell them to pet shops.

  5. Wow, I am impressed. These is no end to your sewing skills! I hope your plant cutting grows!

  6. Try to work out which finger or string it is easiest to press first. It can vary even with the same chord depending on what the last chord is. Just keep trying and eventually you'll find a way to do it.

  7. love the little Jingle Bell Mouse and I know the cats are having a blast with it

  8. You should do a video so we can hear you play the ukelele.

  9. Seems to be the latest hobby Ukulele. My friend Bill plays one. Before lockdown he and the group he plays in played in old folks homes, and they loved it.

    Julie xxxxx

  10. I’m sure that with practice it will seem as though your fingers get longer and you’ll reach those chords! In any case, better limited chords than no chords at all.

  11. I'm please that your ukelele skills are improving, perhaps some hand stretching exercises might help with the stretching of the fingers by loosening the joints a tad. I fear your broken flower won't make roots but it's always worth a try, what you could try is saturate the plant with water leave it to soak then try to gently pull up a section you may get some with roots which you could then pot up. xx

  12. I'm with you on preferring it when it's cooler, I knitted a rabbit earlier this year, I should get it out and sew it together.

  13. We the undersigned demand that Briony Cater posts a short video of her warbling along to her ukulele playing:-
    Yorkshire Pudding
    Graham Potter
    Helen Potter
    Harry Potter
    Walter Disney
    Jack The Ripper
    Tom Thumb
    Angelina Jolie
    Desmond Dekker
    Thomas Cater
    Thomas Cater
    Yorkshire Pudding
    (Further names will be supplied as required)

  14. I doubt the flower stem will root. But good luck, and meanwhile, enjoy the flower!

  15. Well done Yorkshire pudding. By the way I read the book 39 seconds in a few hours....brilliant. thank you.

  16. As others have said, gentle stretching exercises can help with your finger reach. At least they do for the piano, and it isn't so different. Love the mouse! Mangled toys means your cats love them too :)

  17. Love that little mouse...such fun.