Wednesday 10 June 2020


As I posted recently, Tom is having to use oxygen now as his levels have fallen below the target number.
He was given a sort of back pack to carry the oxygen cylinder in on his back.
As he cannot carry anything without getting more breathless it was a bit of a silly idea but no doubt the NHS try the cheapest option first.
Carrying this on his back proved to be no good at all as by the time he got out of the car and manoeuvred the thing onto his back he was pooped before he even started and it was the equivelent of carrying a ruck sack full of shopping.
I contacted the respiratory nurse and we now have this larger machine behind the lounge door.

Not a pretty sight but necessary for him to feel well.
This has the capability of filling the bottles when empty. You can see one on the machine at the top getting filled and the bottles are small enough to carry in a shoulder bag.

Much better all round but probably more expensive for the NHS.
I'm not complaining though as they pay for all of the electricity that this machine uses and reimburse us through the bank.

We complain about the NHS but I'm sure in many countriees this would either not be available or would cost a huge amount.

The difference is marked for Tom when he has to do anything and has made life a bit easier for us both, as when he is okay then I am as well.


  1. That looks like a handy dandy machine and it's good that you get it free. Bob sister had one similar to that and they gave her a long extension hose that she could drive around the house because she insisted on doing her own housework and the hose was like 30 ft long can't tell you how many times he dragged it and broke it in half. Glad he is able to get some relief with the oxygen and I know exactly what you mean about if he's okay you're okay

  2. Personally, I have never complained about the NHS. It has done me and my family proud. However, what I have often complained about is underfunding of the NHS and the Tories' ambivalent attitude to this national treasure. Matthew Hancock has no right whatsoever to wear an NHS badge on his lapel.

  3. My friend has a 3 wheeled walker and the oxygen goes into that as she walks, she had the same problems when first given it.

  4. The NHS have been incredible to me and my family throughout our lives. My only sadness and niggle at this time is that Covid19 was allowed to rule throughout lockdown. I feel for anyone with cancer or other illnesses have had their treatment delayed when there were alternative resources to hand.

  5. I'm glad you have gotten some more suitable worked out for Tom. I find it hard to imagine any person who needed oxygen being able to carry around something so heavy. It just doesn't seem to make sense. We have good health care in Canada as well; our system is similar to yours. It's painful to think about other countries where necessary care is not available or is priced beyond reach.

    And I know what you mean about when Tom is okay you are as well. It's like a physical weight has been lifted.

  6. Our NHS is the jewel in our crown. It is a shame that it has historically been abused by those who have never contributed but who take advantage of our generosity. Over here, we have had a history of "maternity tourists", those who have turned up just before they are due to give birth so that they can get free childbirth and postnatal care before returning back home again without ever paying a penny

  7. I can't imagine having to carry around a large oxygen tank on your back. It doesn't even make sense for someone who already has trouble breathing. I'm glad you were able to get this and it's helping him.

  8. I'm so glad the load is lighter now, for Tom... both in that he has more oxygenated air when he takes a breath and also that he doesn't have to lug that heavy sack on his back anymore. Surely someone designed that big thing who never was short of breath in their life! Love, Andrea xoxo

  9. dad had the cylinders in a backpack he dragged them all over with him but he found that if he was out and about he got a set of shopping trolly wheels and strapped his backpack to it he found it easier when out walking