Tuesday, 18 August 2020


 The TV hasn't been up to much for such a long time now, we struggle to find more than one thing a day that interests us.  We don't sit down to watch until about 9 p.m. each evening as I'm usually doing crochet or some other thing and Tom is also occupied.

We have Netflix and Amazon Prime kindly paid for by our Grandson and his girlfriend and you would think that was enough to keep us going, but it was not until recently that this old girl realised that lurking in the background of these apps are hundreds of other films, not just the ones that are readily advertised when you open up. duh.

All of the films so far, even though we have seen them before came back really fresh and we couldn't remember much about them (this could just be old age, lol)

Since finding this I now know that if you put in a particular actor it will provide you with a list of their films to choose from, or if you can remember a film from the past that you enjoyed you can look for it.

If its not on one it is possibly on the other, either Netflix or Amazon.

This has opened up a plethora of films and we are no longer at a loss when 9 p.m. comes along each evening.

You have to be a bit careful though as some films although old they still want you to pay for, but there are enough to keep us going for months.

Recently watched

Jesus Christ Superstar.  Brilliant even though way back from the 70's

Scent of a Woman.  Again so enjoyable.

Terminal.  Tom Hanks.

Payback.  Mel Gibson

The Jackal.  Bruce Willis

Just five of the films that we have already enjoyed and lots more to go.




  1. Enjoy your popcorn lass! Our daughter provided us with Netflix. There are a lot of rubbish films in there. Maybe I should look harder.

    1. I used to think that YP. The films that immediately come on are usually not my kind of films but if you type in the search box an actor or film you liked it comes up with loads more. Same with Amazon.Good luck.

  2. Husband will happily watch any old crap (although he's generally asleep within minutes of putting the blasted thing on so rarely watches any programme the whole way through!). I however will only have the tv on if there's a programme I specifically want to watch. Glad you've found out how to watch all those films....that did make me laugh!

  3. Enjoy! We don’t have tv any more and I’m quite happy with that.

  4. This month they're running all the Bruce Willis films on Amazon Prime if you type in his name they all come up we have watched one each night for the last 3 nights and they were all three ones that we had not seen before and I thought we had seen all Bruce Willis

  5. I have access to Netflix too thanks to my lovely son but even then I still find it a struggle to find something enjoyable to watch, I think I must be hard to please, I'll have to look up the ones you have watched I can never remember the names of films and I missed quite a few with living abroad for 20 years so please keep giving me inspiration. xx

  6. Mr B watches TV through closed eyelids like Sooze's husband. I, the Tigger, have learned to do it as well. F puts on my favorite videos and I'm asleep with my head on the laptop keyboard within seconds; but I know the second she has turned it off. "Hey - I was watching that!" Enjoy your netflix.

  7. Yes, there is a wealth of content on those platforms. For films I find Amazon Prime is generally better than Netflix, which doesn't have as much movie content here in the UK. (There are a lot more films available on Netflix in the USA, for some reason.) There's also YouTube, where you can often find complete older movies, but they're not official uploads and can sometimes be dicey (subtitles, wrong language, ending prematurely, that kind of thing).

  8. We get Netflix and Prime through our son, but we also have Hulu, Acorn, and Britbox. These last 2 are my favorites as they show British comedies and detective series, etc. - (lots of PBS stuff) which we love.
    We watch mostly in the evenings after supper also... from about 7 to 9... and I crochet or play on Nintendo's switch while watching.

  9. We've been rewatching Line of Duty as Eleanor hasn't watched it before but she's loving it too. There isn't that much on normal TV at the moment.

  10. How wonderful! We have only seen two of these. I remember seeing Jesus Christ Superstar in the theater when it first came out. Please continue to give us your recommendations and reviews of the ones you watch!

  11. What a great resource for you. There's often some good films lurking on the i-player too. Arilx

  12. Good for you, there’s something innocent about old films, usually not so much violence and bad language. Here in Western Australia we miss our good old pommie drama and recently we installed Acorn TV and we are swamped with all the U.K. stuff we love. For only $7 a month (£3.50) it less than one ticket to the cinema. Getting old isn’t so bad eh?

  13. I think I've seen most of those movies. It's amazing the amount of things you can watch with prime. I've never had Netflix. I also utilize some of the free tv apps you can get.