Thursday, 20 August 2020


 Last night I was due to sleep on the floor on just the mattress.

The reason being that I needed to clear my bedroom in readiness for my new double bed. Whoopeee.

We managed to slide the single bed down the stairs to enable us to give the bedroom a good clean and make it easier for the delivery men to take the old one away.

Here it stands waiting to be taken away.  Just to be used on the floor for the one night.

The base is outside the kitchen.  A bit of a squash to get by but not for long.

Tom sleeps downstairs and I sleep upstairs, lots of reasons, but snoring from both of us is one and I get hot and like to move about a lot.
 I have been sleeping in a single bed but with my joints giving me jip it is difficult to turn over without having to pull some part of me the wrong way and get pain. With a double bed, if I sleep in the middle I shall be able to roll either side with no fear of falling out, lol


Whilst sitting watching tv last evening I saw an enormous spider scurry across the carpet and disappear under the sofa.
I have nothing against spiders and would not kill one but this one was BIG.
Whoaa...I did't fancy sleeping on the floor with that around. My mind had it crawling across my face in the night.
So, we decided to take the mattress back upstairs.
Not so easy.
The end result was that Tom pushed and I pulled and Tom almost died on me.
He shouldn't have attempted it but he did and ended up almost keeling over for lack of breath.
It was quite frightening to watch and we had to wait for the oxygen to get going before he felt okay again.
We both realise that he shouldn't do these things but when you've been a big strong man it's hard to accept that even pushing a mattress is too much.
Lesson learnt though, no more strenuous escapades. 

Another adjustment for being a senior.  There have been lots over the past couple of years and there's nothing that can be done but accept them.


New bed is in place and looks and feels great.

Only worry was that the delivery men said to let it air for a few hours to get rid of the chemicals that are on it regarding fire retardant.

Don't like the sound of that much but guess its the norm now.


  1. I bet your looking forward to a good nights sleep after your adventures with the mattress.

  2. 😱 I wouldn't have slept in the house, never mind about on the floor in the same room after seeing that! Hope the new bed gives you comfortable nights. Must have been scary seeing Tom like that after manhandling the bed...It's difficult to get these men to realise and accept they can't do what they used to before they became ill.

  3. What a scare, I am so glad he is alright now! And you will be sleeping so much better and with less pain, what a luxury! I would have moved the mattress back upstairs, too. I am terrified of spiders. But I DO get Phil to kill them!

  4. Life is truly an adventure day by day Moment by moment and I would not want to sleep on a bed on the floor with a spider under the so that either. So glad it turned out with a happy ending

  5. Oh dear what a carry on I don't think I would have fancied a spider crawling over my face in the night either. I hope that Tom has recovered, it's awful that we can't do the things we used to take for granted.
    Enjoy your lovely new bed I hope you get a comfortable nights sleep. x

  6. Go easy on yourselves. That spider was probably more scared of you than the other way around. It might have been easier to catch the spider (drinking glass and cardboard) than shift the mattress back upstairs.
    Enjoy the new bed.

  7. I think I would have done the same if I'd seen that spider too!
    Although we do tend to think we can still do what we once did the reality is quite different, I think a mattress would be a bit of a maul for the fittest of people and I bet that was a scary moment for both you and your husband, I hope he is recovered now.
    Enjoy your new bed

  8. I'm glad to hear the new bed is in place and that you didn't have to sleep on the floor with that spider scurrying about.

  9. Is a "double" bed that same as a "full" size? I have a "full" size mattress and so does hubby now too... and we sleep in separate bedrooms as well, for the same reasons.... snoring for him and restlessness for me. I don't know if we would have gone to the lengths of pushing the mattress back upstairs for the night but I sure as shootin' wouldn't have slept on the floor with that monster spider walking around. I probably would have slept with hubby... which would have been an act of self-repentance, for sure. *lol* Hope you are enjoying your new mattress and that it's comfortable for you. Love, Andrea xoxo

  10. I think I would have have been tempted to leave the mattress downstairs and slept on it there. Poor Tom. I hope he has fully recovered. This getting older malarkey is no fun sometimes.

  11. Spiders can climb stairs you know!! I wouldn't have let my OH go to bed until he had caught the 8 legged horror and moved it several miles away!

  12. Like you I couldn't have slept down stairs knowing that the spider was around somewhere. We have to catch them with a glass and paper and put them outside or I wouldn't rest. Hope you are able to sleep well in your new bad:)

  13. I agree with Tigger. Trap the spider and remove. Failing that a hammer! Hope your future nights are calm and restful.

  14. We have got a big spider in our living room. He scurries about most nights. We call him Goliath.

    I sympathise with Tom with regard to shifting the bed. It must be so frustrating for him when in the past the job would have been so easy for him.

  15. There's no way I would have been sleeping on a mattress on the floor with a spider around, I think you did the right thing taking it back upstairs. It's hard to slow down and take things easy when your body won't cooperate but your mind is still as sharp as ever. I hope Tom's fully recovered and that you're getting a better night's sleep.

  16. I quite like spiders and tell Domino our cat to leave them alone. I've not seen the big spider for a while. I hope Domino didn't catch it?

  17. Spiders ufffff!! I would have done the same! I just could not be able to contemplate sleeping on the floor or even in the room if a spider was sighted. You don't get a lot of spiders here thank goodness but you do get cockroaches and lizards. I don't mind the little lizards but I went to go to bed one night last summer and a huge cockroach scurried out from under the sheet. I slept on the settee for a week!!! Hope Tom has recovered from over exerting himself and as you say another lesson learnt. I wish Sr P would learn that too...that he isn't in his 50s anymore but in his 70s Amanda x