Sunday, 4 October 2020


Because we leave food out for the foxes each night there is the drawback that it attracts the slugs.
I don't mind too much as I only plant things that they and snails do not like and they are never anywhere to be seen during the day. 

The cats don't go out much during the day but every evening they usually go out just into the garden to sniff the air and often have a drink out of the full watering can (not sure why, it must taste better than the water in the indoor bowls. lol)

They are usually all in by the time we go out into the kitchen to feed them around 11 o'clock.

The other night I was still at the front of the house and Tom was in the kitchen.  He called me urgently to come out as Princess had just come in the worse for wear.

I have mentioned before about the Ginger and white cat who has recently moved into the neighbourhood.
We can only think that she had had a tussle with this cat and rolled on her side on the paving.
Unfortunately it had lots of slugs on it and they had stuck to the her side along with slug slime.
She was in such a mess.
We had to stand her on the kitchen table and wash and wash with warm water to try to get the slime off of her fur as it was starting to go hard.
This was accompanied by lots of squeaks and meows but it had to be done.
When we had finally got most of it off she was dried with a towel and the worst bit had to be cut out.

So she now has a bit of a bare patch, lol
It took a couple more days gently cutting bits out from around her neck that were hard but she's all clear now.

So now there's a dilemma as to how to feed the foxes without feeding the slugs.
I think I shall put it on the top of the wall and hope the Ginger cat stays away.
Never a dull moment with these cats but wouldn't be without them.


  1. Urgh! When Archie was a puppy he had such a fascination with slugs and snails and wanted to eat any he saw. It's quite dangerous for dogs as they can carry lungworm which can be fatal so it was a case of trying to retrieve any he got hold of out of his mouth, such a lovely job I can tell you! Thank goodness he grew out of that.

  2. Have you thought of putting it in a dish on a table or wall up high from the snails and slugs? I use to work with a lad who use to put dog food out every night for a rat which he use to watch feed from his window. He insisted it was the same rat that returned every night😊.

    1. I'd be surprised if it was only one rat. When we had our allotment it was like colditz under our shed, so many tunnels and rats. lol We used to sit and watch a whole line of rats walking along a branch of the tree to get to the bird nuts, they are brilliant climbers.
      Good idea for a dish for the foxes but I am worried they will knock it off into next doors garden.

  3. Same with Betty, she was a devil for trying to crunch snails when she was a puppy, thankfully she doesn't do it now, as Jo says, it's dangerous. Poor Princess. These animals cause us almost as much trouble as they do pleasure!

  4. Why not order the foxes takeaway meals and have them delivered to their dens by "Deliveroo"? Kentucky Fried Chicken would go down well.

  5. What a strange, strange accident! BUT it could have been so much worse, cat fights can get violent. I am so glad she is O.K.

  6. Oh my goodness, I’ve never heard of such a thing. Poor Princess.

  7. Such is the life of pet owners! And like you said they're worth every bit of it. That is one thing I've never had to do is clean off the slug stuff that I sure have cleaned off a lot of other stuff

  8. Ha! I've never heard of a cat getting into a tussle that involved slugs!

  9. Bryony - see if you can geet your hands on one of these things:
    Put fox food inside. They are the best slug excludung solution we have ever come across. Mr T sends love and get well soon messages to Princess. Slug muck is such incredibly horrible stuff. Xxx F & Mr T

    1. Thanks so much, have just ordered 3 from Amazon should be here tomorrow, fingers crossed they will work. xx

  10. Oh my, that doesn't sound like much fun for you or the cat

  11. Poor Princess!.. bet she didn't like that!! Cats can be so fastidious about getting grubby!! Keep well Amanda x