Tuesday, 24 November 2020


 Hello again, I'm sorry it's been so long with no post's and I do not have any excuse except that I'm lazy.

We do have things going on in our lives but I always think they are of no importance so refrain from blogging about them.   When I stop to think about it I suppose people are interested in the trivial everyday lives of others and so maybe I should just ramble on .

We are both still getting on with the jigsaw's and other bits and pieces.

I am currently making the front cover for my 'Fabric Journal' putting all the bling on it.
'Angel Voices' playing on Spotify giving us a nice tranquil feel to the afternoon.

The cat's are all scattered around, pleased to be near us.
They don't ask for much do they?
Rupert is laid out along the piano, not really a good idea, probably loaded with fur under those keys, lol

Mummy Polly and Rowan are together on the chair, a rare occurrence and likely to end in a spat.
As you can see, Rowan has just managed to fit in and Mummy Polly is zonked out.
Princess is upstairs under my bed covers and Willow is on Tom's bed.
About 4 o'clock when their alarm clocks go off telling them it's time for food. lol


The virus stuff goes on and on and quite frankly I'm fed up with all of it.
I refrain from watching any news or to read any papers. after all what more is there to tell us or stop us from doing?
Shall we all troll along and get the vaccine that has hardly been tested and wait for the results in the future.
My opinion is that how can you vaccinate a whole population with something a few months old.
I can recall lots of drugs used in the past that had been properly tested for years and then recalled because of dangerous side effects, so how come this vaccine is so safe ???
Still, in the end it will be up to each of us to make our own decisions about having it or not.

I'll try to be more consistent with my next posts but until then, keep safe.


  1. I think you should post more photos of your cats doing their daily lives because I just love to see them especially the one on the piano and could you please get a for cat chair or maybe if I cat chair haha. I agree with you I am sick to death of hearing it and hearing it and hearing it the same old same old same old and I feel the same way about the vaccination. So they get one they vaccinate millions of people and there's no way to recall it once you've had it the shot I mean

  2. How nice to have happy and contented cats! Especially if you are trying to concentrate on putting a puzzle together! Take good care.❤️

  3. If I forget to close the lid of the piano we are treated to 'nocturnes' after we have gone to bed.
    Re the vaccine: We've never taken a flu shot and the health care professionals in our extended family are very wary of this new vaccine being trotted out with so little testing. The conflicting 'expert' opinions in the media are of no help. I read a few news headlines and let it go at that. Nothing I can do about whatever is happening!

  4. Oh Briony, you have indeed been missed. I'm so glad you're back! And NO, you're not "lazy"... just uninspired to blog and that's perfectly alright. We were all here waiting for you to return.

    Your puzzle area looks so quaint & cozy, as do your furbabies. It looks like life is humming along, despite what's going on outside your window and that's a good thing. I'm with you about the vaccine. I'm certainly not going to race right out and get it but I'm not condemning it 100% either. I'm taking a "wait and see" approach. People are dying like flies in our county though so... I think people feel backed into a corner about it. Maybe as well they should? I honestly don't know. Take good care & I look forward to more posts, as you are able & inspired to write them. ~Andrea xoxo

  5. Welcome back Briony! I too missed your posts, but understand as even though I'm still posting, they are getting a bit far inbetween. Love seeing your cats! You can always post pics of them around the house...
    As for the vaccine, I agree that we're not ready to run out and get it any time soon. First responders and those who have really seriously compromised immune systems will be first anyway. We will just continue to shelter at home and follow the guidelines. The new normal has taken hold and we are beginning to adjust to it.

  6. Lovely to have you back. I must get one of my jigsaw out to do.

  7. I think most of us only have our small day to day activities to talk about, but we can all relate to them and they still interest me! It is interesting to see what people do each day and how they relate to the daily news. I agree about the vaccine, it is making me nervous. But the healthcare workers will get it first, so we will have a few months to watch them. I don't know when we will get the vaccine, what an awful choice! Rupert is smart, he chose a resting place that matches his fur! Are you going anywhere? How are you getting your groceries and Christmas gifts?

  8. Nice to see a post from you, I've been lazy about blogging too, sometimes it's just too much trouble to write about what's going on.
    My thoughts on the vaccine are the same as yours, i for one will not be queuing up to get it. I try not to watch the news, I get too fixated on it if i do and I know that's not good for me.

  9. I love hearing about your lives, your embroidery, jigsaws and cats.

  10. So happy to see a post from you today. I get lazy about blogging sometimes too and that's when I dig into old stuff and reuse it...lol
    I have the same thoughts on the virus and the vaccine. If they start handing out vaccine shots I won't be getting one.

  11. Ring the bells! Bang the drums! Briony has blogged again! Personally I don't have much concern about vaccination. I am happy to go along with the process though I am rather suspicious about the Moderna one. Would be much happier to go with the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine.

  12. Glad to see all is well in your establishment, I’ve wondered how you were doing.

  13. Nice to have you bzck Bryony - funnily enough i was just thinking about you and the long silence when i opened tiggers blog this morning. You are right - reading about normal lives matters a lot right now and we are glad to read that you are ALL well and that the cats' wristwatches are all in tiptop working order. I've never seen Tiggers rolex but i know it is an expensive and very accurate timepiece. He can tap me on the face a split second before the alarm goes off in the mornings. Purrings to all. F & Mr T

  14. Good to see you back, all your cats look so contented with no idea of all that is going on in the world for us humans as you make their feline world safe and warm:)

  15. Nice to see you blogging again. I have the same thoughts on the vaccine, I think having one is the only way we'll ever eradicate this virus but I'm very wary about something which has been rushed out. Ordinarily, vaccines take years to develop and this has taken just months. We're all going to have to make some big decisions soon. By the way, you won my giveaway:- http://jo-throughthekeyhole.blogspot.com/2020/09/knitting-with-your-leftovers-giveaway_13.html
    I waited to tell you as you hadn't blogged for a while and I didn't know if all was well, I didn't want to be bothering you if it wasn't (I'm glad it is!).

  16. It's lovely to see you back again..

  17. I wondered where you'd gone, Briony! Glad to hear you're both OK and keeping busy. I certainly hope the vaccines prove safe and effective. I'm ready to get back to life as usual.

  18. Great to see you back,I was wondering if all was well. Very glad it is! Thoroughly enjoy seeing all these photos of your cats. They do pick the most peculiar places sometimes to lay their heads :-) I am of the same mind as you and many of the other bloggers who have commented here about the vaccine. I think it is being rushed. I also get the impression that the pharmaceutical companies are all competing against each other so obviously there is a lot of gain from being the first to get it out! I don't mean just gain in saving human lives either! I for one will not be first in the queue as I think it is best to bide my time and see how it goes. keep well Amanda x

  19. I have just got a jigsaw out that we will do slow time putting a few pieces in at a time and then going on to do something else. It was wonderful to see the cats.

  20. I always enjoy your posts, Briony. It's just the right mixture of cats, crafts, and everyday life, in my opinion :D

    So who is the pianist in your house, or do both of you play? (Or should I say "all" because many cats have mad piano skills as well, ha ha)

    1. Hi Jenny, I am the pianist but not a good one. I went to lessons when I was young and enjoy playing for my own amusement. I'm currently learning the Ukulele and really enjoying it.
      Thanks for your comment