Friday, 29 January 2021

I have had this quote in my little book of quotes that have been collected over the years and never has it held more meaning than it does today.

In the current situation it is all too easy to succumb to fear, depression and bewilderment.

But if you keep this quote close to hand you can overcome these negative things that we are all being affected by.

We all have the ability to think and our thoughts can be what we want them to be.

I know from experience that it is possible to be happy in the most awful situations, and believe me I've had to cope with lots of trying times over the years and am still coping with the most awful thing in Toms illness now.

Give it a try,  smile more and be determined not to let things get you down.

And remember that everything passes in time 




  1. Thanks Briony. Sometimes it all seems to crowd in on you and you just need to pause, step back, take a deep breath and think. X

  2. That is a wonderful quote and so very true. I've tried to tell a few people basically the same thing over the years. It's not always easy but a positive attitude goes a long way in making life easier.

  3. What a great quote. Hope Tom is doing all right.

  4. Very true and something I have to keep reminding myself of as it is quite easy to get in quite a funk. Take care of yourselves.

  5. your last sentence made me think of the quote my mother used every time I whined/complained. This Too Shal Pass. and I like this quote a lot... it is so true. at times in my life I let my thoughts ruin the good life I had

  6. Having had the jab and knowing that they are rolling it out pretty quickly it does give you hope.
    Take here.

  7. That is absolutely true. It's not external events but our reaction to them that defines us.

  8. In principle I agree with the notion that it is not the thing itself but how we interpret it and learn to live with it that counts. However, we cannot be someone we are not.

  9. My "thought process" is broken, Briony. I think it's been trying to produce positivity for way too long. Love you~ Andrea xoxo