Tuesday 23 February 2021



Our eldest son lives in Scotland in a farm house on top of a hill.  He has a couple of horses, chickens , couple of dogs, couple of cats and now a Mummy sheep and her two lambs.

These lambs will grow up to look like this.

But for now they are still with their Mum and look like this.

Here they are being all inquisitive about the chickens who are in house arrest due to Avian Flu poor things.
Hopefully not for much longer.

Here they have found the hay bale in the shed.
Mum is called Tracey Teasel and the lambs are Clementine and Peaches.
They will not be slaughtered and will hopefully live a lovely life.  I think my son intends to breed them as they are a rare breed.
They are called 'Black Faced Valais'
Look them up they are so cute.

If you are wondering why Mum is different, she is a surrogate.


  1. Oh my gooooooooooooooooooooosh, Briony.... I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D How completely adorable!!! ~Andrea xoxo

  2. We saw some sheep like that several years back when we toured Scotland. They are cute. I even bought a Christmas ornament that looks like that as a memory of the trip. I like to buy ornaments when I can during our travels, then each year when I decorate the tree it makes me smile. Hope you're staying well, staying safe from The Covid and are able to get your vaccinations.
    Sandy's Space

  3. Well, I've learned several things here. I'd never heard of "black-faced Valais" (and they ARE cute!) and I'd also never heard of surrogate sheep mothers!

  4. They are so cute.What an adventure breeding from them.Keep us posted with photos as they grow.

  5. Oh yes, they are indeed very cute.

  6. They are adorable. Our chickens are locked up due to avian flu and are getting a little restless. Lets hop its not for much longer, lockdown is not suiting them.

  7. Dirty knees.... Tigger suspects they are related to the bell-ringing monsters he saw when on tour last October.

  8. I have never seen this kind of sheep, they are adorably beautiful! They look like fancy stuffed animals!

  9. So cute! Nice to know they won't be slaughtered!

  10. Oh my gosh, they are so adorable.

  11. Hello Briony,

    There can surely never be a dull moment in life for your son, but the workload must be high as his livestock increases!!:):) The work cannot have been easy specially in the challenging weather conditions which we all seem to have been experiencing.

    The sheep look adorable. We have never heard of or seen this breed so we have definitely learned something new today.

  12. They look adorable. Great photos.

  13. Oh my goodness those sheep are soooo cute! Glad he is not going to slaughter them

  14. I must admit that when I saw the first picture, I thought they were cuddly toys that you had made! Where in Scotland does your big lad live Briony?

    1. He lives in Ayr. the reason being that he is an 'Air Traffic Controller' and works at Prestwick.
      This is someone who I was told by his teacher that he wouldn't get far. He joined the Air Force at 18 and hasn't looked back. Sadly all my kids are nearly as old as me now, lol, he is 57 this year.