Friday, 30 April 2021


 Last night about 11 o'clock I opened the back door and threw out the fox food as usual.

One can of dog food and some dog biscuits plus any other bits if I have them.

I went back in and a little later looked out to see if any foxes were in the garden and lo and behold there was a very large Hedgehog merrily tucking in to the dog food.

In all of the 56 years that we have lived here we have never, ever seen a Hedgehog.

I was so excited and rushed in for the camera.

I think you can just about see him just sitting there have a good meal of dog meat.

He then tottered of under the bench and finally walked down around the side of the bijou shed.
There is a hole in the side of the shed that we cut out for a stray cat and we are wondering if he has made his home in the shed.

I'm sort of not wanting to go into the shed now in case he's there and I frighten him, but my garden tools are in there.
He didn't seem to be aware of me taking photos and I am wondering if their hearing isn't so good.

Where on earth he's come from I do not know as it's all houses around here and the back gardens are not easy to get into.
Mine has a hole cut into the back gate for the cats and so he's obviously come through there.
I'll keep you updated.



  1. Oh gosh, this is exciting! I think he HAS made a home in the shed, and maybe he's a she with babies? I have never seen a hedgehog in real life. I am just wondering: Are there baby hedgies in your garden tool shed? We once had a light and a door we could not use for years because a family of geckos lived in the fixture above the door.

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  3. I DO see him, how awesome! Keep your camera close by, I am looking forward to more pics of him.

  4. Awww,what a lovely photo! And I know that he will be well looked after now that you have spotted him!.I can remember,years ago,seeing one in the street where I live.He was running across the road and went into some bushes.It seems that the people who lived there were looking after him and feeding him like you.I didnt realise that they could run so fast.xx

  5. We've had quite a few early morning visitors. Usually the dog finds them, and says hello. They are looking very plump and healthy, so a good sign for plenty of Hedgehoglets.

  6. I doubt that Horace the Hedgehog will find you frightening as you have a happy, normal face... "I'm not a monster". Let us hope that Horace comes back. Quite magical.

  7. Well isn't that exciting. He didn't seem to even notice that you were taking his picture. He must have really been enjoying his meal. Now to see if he returns

  8. I may have expired from excitement, the only one I have ever seen came to visit the nursing home and was in a petting zoo. of course he could only be petted while wearing gloves. how exciting

  9. Wow! That's exciting! In the ten years I've lived in the UK, I've never even seen a hedgehog. But I've heard it's a good idea to leave holes in fences so they can get between gardens. (God forbid a hedgehog should ever wander into Mrs. Kravitz's garden, though!)

  10. How lovely! I had one in my previous garden and caught the odd glimpse, I hope you see him again.

  11. How cool is that! I would love to see a hedgehog in the wild but I don't think we have them around here. They are so cute!

  12. Awwwww.... it's always nice to have a new visitor come calling. :-) Don't worry about disturbing your new little friend. Just go about your business with whatever you need to do.... s/he will do the same. ~Andrea xoxo

  13. That's exciting. I used to put cat food out for hedgehogs, but it attracted the local cat population. Haven't seen a hog in the garden for quite a while now.