Tuesday, 15 June 2021



Every year like clockwork a Peep Peep appears.  We hear it first before we see it and dread the sound.

I'm talking about a baby seagull.

This is not our's in video but this is the sound they make.

No need to play it all, it will drive you mad. ha ha

The same two Seagulls are with us day and night and have been for years, as these beautiful birds live for on an average for 20 to 25 years we may have them with us for a lot longer.

But once the baby is a little bigger it starts it's peeping and doesn't stop until Mum and Dad chase it away, and that's a long time to listen to the peeping.

Today we heard the first peeps of the year and our hearts fell.

Last year they  managed to raise the chick to adult hood but the year before the chick left the nest too early and couldn't get airborne again, who knows what happened to it, probably a fox took it.

This one poked its head over next doors flat roof and looked exactly like the picture above, very young.

I just hope it waits until it's big enough to fly before it launches itself from the roof.

Recently about 5a.m. in the morning the parents have been shouting their heads of as the Seagulls from the sea make their way overhead back inland.  Now I know why, they are protecting the baby.

In the meantime I shall be closing my bedroom window as the peeping drives me nuts.lol


  1. That would drive me nuts listening to it non stop all day too

  2. So are the cats entertained by watching them? I hope the closed window mutes it enough so you can sleep!

  3. Yes, nature is not always a pleasure!

  4. We hear the sound regularly here, it certainly can irritate when it is endless.

  5. I have the same problem with pigeons here. They are on the roof and in the trees, cooo coooing their little lungs out. Drowning out the twittering from the smaller birds.

  6. After we understand how you feel about the fox getting it and also about the noise because I have been known to say out loud I'm thinking of hiring a hit man for that Cardinal in the backyard

  7. I can't imagine any wildlife sound being distasteful to you, my animal-loving friend. Not you!! :-D *lol* Lovingly~ Andrea xoxo