Sunday, 5 September 2021


 When we had our allotment we bought some slug pellets to get rid of the slugs and snails but after witnessing them dying from eating these I vowed never to use them again,  therefore my little garden is a haven for slugs and snails.

It doesn't bother me as during the day they hide themselves away and never get in my way.

I plant flowers that the slugs and snails do not eat and so the garden isn't bothered either.

But, as you probably know, I put out food for the foxes each night and after they have taken all they want, out come the slugs and snails to finish up the crumbs.

The result is that I have a silver path.

This doesn't bother me either as it is dry by morning and hoses off easily, but it doesn't look nice I must admit.

So, I thought I would foil the little bu****s and put the fox food in the alleyway that runs behind the house.

I just had to laugh this morning when I opened the back gate and saw that they had all decided to squeeze under the gate and out into the alley to get to the food.

It must have looked like a convoy of slugs, I'd love to have seen it. lol

I am now thinking that they must be able to smell as otherwise how did they know it was there?

So, tonight I'm going to put it the other side of the gate and see if there's a silver trail going the other way in the morning.


I've just looked up about slugs and apparently they have an amazing sense of smell, well who would have thought it.

If that's the case, I bet the snails were hopping mad as they couldn't get under the gate, LOL


  1. Slugs and snails - I used to feel sorry for them but not any more. I have an execution block - two 8 inch (20cm) pieces of paving stone. Slugs and snails get squashed between them. Sometimes I'll find 5 or 6 snails under the rims of the strawberry tubs. Straight to the block they go.

  2. The drama that takes place under cover of darkness! lol I never knew slugs had a keen sense of smell either but I guess it makes sense. How else would they find enough to eat, as they don't really get around quickly :)

  3. Mine like to hang out in the compost heap, but they do enjoy a good munch on the plants too. However, they in turn provide a meal for the hedgehogs we've now got visiting. Arilx

  4. That is so funny.Let us know what happens tonight.Barbarax

  5. Good grief, who would have thought! Let us know how this new plan works! I am glad you decided to not let them suffer, I would have done the same.

  6. Who would have thought it. Looks like there are a lot of slugs.

  7. That will be a fun experiment. Let us know if they go to the other side to get the food this time

  8. I love to see the convoy of pretty coloured snails on my early morning walks. They look like little mint humbugs and have always reminded me of caravans. As a vegetable gardener the big snails drive me nuts but I can't bring myself to kill them. I chuck them over onto a bit of green waste land. I'm sure they all come back over and over but it's food for the thrush.

  9. Haha I love your slug experiment, let us know how it goes.

  10. Maybe the snails went OVER the gate! LOL!

    I've seen a slug convoy before. It's a very bizarre sight. We're the same in our garden -- we don't use pellets and just try to avoid plants that slugs and snails want to eat. (Or we put them in pots where they're harder to reach, though that doesn't always work!)

  11. I kill nothing on our property as I can relate to them. I always say "Everything wants to eat and has a hungry belly." so I don't begrudge anything for trying to fill the empty spot inside them. That's the empath in me talking. :-) Glad you decided not to kill the slugs now too. Sometimes it takes "seeing" to be convinced. Love~ Andrea xoxoxo

  12. I can't bear to kill the slugs and snails either. They feel pain just like any creature. But they make lace out of my leaves after every rain. Well, God is abundant and there is enough for all of us! I actually love the silver trails they leave! I guess because it's rare here, as the rains are so rare.