Friday 15 April 2022



I have treated my self to a mini fan to keep my fingers cool in the summer.

I bought it from Amazon as all my attempts to support the local shops didn't work

No wonder Amazon is doing so well, the small shops just cannot compete with variety and cost. I ordered last night and its here this afternoon.

Such a shame for the small traders.

A nice sandwich of Persian Tiles with just 2 1/2 to go before I start to sew it up.

Have a good Easter




  1. The tiles look so pretty and pastel. I hope you show us when it is finished. The fan is cute for sure. I agree about Amazon!

  2. Big companies like Amazon make it harder on smaller businesses for sure. That's a cute little fan.

  3. That is a handy little fan for you, I have a desk fan too but it's bigger and I bought it a few years ago from Tesco. That certainly is good service from Amazon.

  4. I would never have though of that what a great idea. I can't wait to see those tiles all sewn up. Have a lovely Easter weekend. x

  5. I never considered fingers might get to hot... mine are usually cold because of AC in summer and cool in winter.. that is a great fan, i have seen those on desk tops at work in the past, they were blowing on their faces.. I had a small fan on the floor because i can't stand air blowing in my face, it dries my dry eyes and makes them burn, even AC in the car does that to me...

  6. I agree with you about Anazon. High street retailers are an endangered species.

  7. They look beautiful! I am very much in awe of anyone who can crochet.

  8. Those Persian tiles look like a multi-dipped ice cream cone, Briony... with lots & lots of different colors of pastel sherbet. Beautiful!!! ~Andrea xoxo