Friday, 17 February 2023


 I now have the medicines. One lot for the thyroid and another because she was deficient in potassium.

Both can be put on the food or straight into the mouth.

That sound simple enough doesn't it?
Firstly she is a finicky eater and picks at what she fancies.
Secondly she is not a cuddle cat.  She will come on my lap and loves a stroke and tickle but picking up is a no, no.

I managed to get her to take both lots on a small amount of tuna last night but she's having none of it this morning.
Okay, I thought, I'll put it straight into her mouth.
That's easier said than done.   If Tom was here he could hold her while I got it into the corner of her mouth but me on my own trying to hold her and administer it was impossible, especially because I have 2 lots to give her.

I rang the vet this morning as when we were talking he did mention a cream that could be rubbed into the ear.  This may have to be the way to go although I am still going to have to pick her up and hold her, but not so distressing for her as me poking it in her mouth.

The only problem is that I don't think the cream is as effective. I'm now waiting for the vet to call me back and we will discuss what options there are.

Just a bit down this morning but I know that once I'm dressed I'll pick up. 
It's times like this when you need another hand.
I'll let you know what the vet says.



  1. When I pick up my cats, I always wrap them in a towel, it stops them struggling, it's hard to start but they do get used to it.

  2. kneel on the floor, wrap cat in towel to immobilise, wedge between knees, apply medicine followed by treat. I haven't been owned by cats for a while, but if I remember correctly, the daily battle will give you your exercise for the day and will invigorate them.

  3. I agree with Lyssa Medana's comment - towel wrap and wedge in between your knees, (if you can manage that) or on your lap if you are in a chair. The towel definitely helps. Good luck!
    Best wishes

  4. Praying will find a way to give her her meds I know how difficult it is and I doubt that you can get down on your knees and do what these ladies suggested and picking her up and sitting in your lap and wrapping on a towel who's going to do that haha I hope that that will have an idea that will work

  5. Trying to medicate a cat is a perilous process. One of the sadder things I've experienced with an ill cat is that it becomes wary, frightened, and further attempts to get the medicine down involve a pet who becomes afraid of me and runs at my approach. I'm sorry. This is hard.

  6. Oh dear. I hope you and the vet can find a solution. You don’t want to have a fight twice a day.

  7. Minion has it in one - it is so dependent on the character of the cat. Wrapping Mr T in a towel made ear-cleaning possible but meant after a couple of days that he would not let me near him in any circumstances, cringed, ran away from ordinary petting - miserable for both of us. And he is a generally compliant cat. Friends who had a diabetic cat found that injectable medication was easier than oral alternatives. xxx F (and Mr T)

  8. Oh, dear. I was worrying about how this would go. You are doing the right thing staying in touch with the vet for advice. I know what you mean about needing another pair of hands. It used to take both my husband and me to manage cutting my bitey cat's claws. When my husband became ill before he passed away I had to start taking her to the vet's once a month to have them do it instead. Also, she is wary of anything in her food, so medicine directly in her food didn't work. When she was taking a small tablet I used to break it into four and enclose each tiny piece in a little piece of Pill Pocket (available at pet stores) and put them in a little of her food when she was hungriest and wait for her to eat all of them before I gave her the rest of her food. Then she needed a pain medication for her arthritis but it came in a capsule and when I tried to open the capsule and put the powder in a Pill Pocket, as soon as she bit into it she knew and that was the end of that. Luckily just about then a new drug came on the market; it is a once-monthly injection that the vet does. We had another cat that was hard to give meds to and it took my husband and I to administer it. Keep trying and keep the vet in the loop. I'm rooting for you and Willow and hoping you and the vet find a way to make the pilling easier for both of you. xx

  9. I am very familiar with trying to give a cat meds. Can you wrap her like a burrito? And it always looks so easy when the vet does it! Keep us informed, I would love to know a good way to do it.

  10. I am so sorry to hear that. Although we don't have a cat now I have had cats that were impossible to give meds. to. Hope the vet can come up with something else.

  11. Is there an injection for the thyroid and/or potassium problem that can be given by the Vet as an alternative to pilling?

  12. I know how distressing it can be to administer medicine to a fur baby who doesn't want to cooperate. I hope that the vet is able to come up with an easy solution.

  13. Yup, have to agree with Lyssa. Just be sure to have everything to hand, opened and handy, I sometimes managed to hold the cat between my thighs, their head forward but all paws immobilized - meds between me and the chair arm! Sometimes I got onto the floor and used the same move, this often worked better - the rest of the cats would scatter at the last moment! Couldn't do that now, my knees won't let me! Best of luck with this one Briony - determination is the best weapon. She just has to have it and that's that was my attitude - the problem is that when it's long term you need a better solution - definitely ask the vet. Wish I lived near enough to help. Elainex

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  15. You are right - administering oral medicines to cats is a two person job. They seem to sense that something is afoot even before you get the medicine out. Good luck! May I suggest gardening gloves!

  16. I always use the same method as Lyssa. Good luck! Xx

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