Tuesday, 7 March 2023


 Well, I finally feel like posting again.  Life has been a bit up and down since Tom died but all the paper work is now sorted and I am feeling a bit more settled.

I decided that crochet therapy was the way to go as it takes your mind off of things and I know that Tom would agree with me if he was here.

This throw has been in the making for a while and is quite a task, I have to make 158 motifs and 14 half motifs

Not sure how many are here in the drawer but not nearly enough. I have a box for all the ends, thinking I might do something with these sometime, shame to waste all those lovely colours.

I have my basket and box of colours right beside my desk and take them at random, 4 colours for each motif.

Each motif has to be sewn together to make the throw and I'm finding this the most tedious business. But, I know it will be worth it in the end.

As you would expect we have a photo bomber in the shape of Willow.

On the subject of Willow, she is as you can see doing okay.   She had another fit a couple of weeks ago that frightened the pants off of me, she was rolling about the floor all legs and arms going but seemed to get over it and has been fine since then.
I'm hoping that the thyroid meds will put a stop to them and she certainly seems to be better in herself.
fingers crossed.



  1. What a fabulous project - those colours are so happy! I'm glad to hear Willow is doing OK.
    Best wishes and take care

  2. As ever your eye for colour and design is shining through. That is some marathon blanket you are undertaking there. Glad to read Willow and the medication are finally getting along. We all wish cats would understand that they feel better because of the dreaded daily medication. Apparently smart though they are cats aren't good at thinking through cause and effect stuff. (Mr T begs to differ, but still hasn't understood why he gets toothpaste.)

  3. Your work is absolutely Beautiful!
    Hoping Willow feels better soon as well as you sweet lady.

  4. It’s looking gorgeous, well worth the effort of sewing the pieces together. Glad Willow is ok, I hope there are no more fits.

  5. The throw looks beautiful. I love all the colors. Glad Willow seems to be better!

  6. nice to see your pottering a bit

  7. Crochet has helped me through so many things in life Briony and this is such a lovely project with all those lovely bright colours. I hope that Willow stays well. xx

  8. Janie Crow's Mystical Lanterns? I WILL do it one day!

  9. That looks amazing Briony and all the better for Willow posing on it!! Good to see you posting again and I hope you're doing ok under such difficult circumstancesx Arilx

  10. Prayers for Willows meds to work and for her to be OK and ifIf Willow OKs what you’re doing and it appears she does everybody will love it I think the colors are just absolutely beautiful and I like the pattern too

  11. So pleased you are feeling able to blog again. That throw is going to be wonderful, well worth the fiddly sewing. Hope Willow continues to improve with no more fits. Hugs.

  12. The sewing up is always the worst bit but it is going to look lovely when it is finished. I´m glad you´re feeling a little more settled and that Willow is improving (love that name!).

  13. I'm glad to hear you are finding ways to cope, Briony. That is a really gorgeous mixture of colours and your work is so nice and even. Good to hear Willow is doing (mostly) okay; that must be a relief. Hugs :)

  14. I'm so happy you are find life less of a struggle, having your cats must help and Willow responding to her meds is great news. I do like your project, it's colourful and fun. It is always good to have something you can work on and have a beautiful item when finished.

  15. Oh, I like what you have so far. That's really pretty. I don't have the patience for that. I tried once to make a granny square blanket but got bored with it after about a dozen squares.

  16. That is gorgeous, its going to look fabulous. Glad you are feeling a liottle settled and Willow is doing ok.

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