Friday, 10 March 2023


 As all cat lovers will know, cats love Cat Nip and mine are no exception.

I keep several, what I call 'smelly bags' in an old plastic sandwich box that is filled with catnip.

I make the bags out of cotton and fill them with catnip but over time they flatten as the catnip disintegrates, so rather than refilling I leave them to 'mature' in the box.
At the slightest sound of the box lid coming off they are alert and at my feet waiting for one each.
The down side of this is that the bags are covered in catnip and the carpet looks like it has dandruff after a drug induced roll around from them all. lol

When they have finished with them and are all intoxicated and quiet you need rubber gloves to collect them all up because they are saturated with saliva, YUK!



  1. But I know all the trouble is worth it! What a clever idea.

  2. We don't give our cats catnip, they had some once many years ago, sent to them by a fellow bloggers cat from USA. Our cat love to chase shadows, she is happiest when we are sat at night and we wiggle our feet, she dances around the carpet.

  3. great idea, and I count the clean up after Beau, and he is big as is the clean up, as excercise. it makes me move, bending stooping sweeping etc

  4. The things we do to make our fur babies happy. I'm sure that the cats appreciate your effort.

  5. I use to have a cat...Kiki...lived to be almost 18...and loved catnip.

  6. Lucky felines. F made me a couple of 'rats' out of bits cut off Mr B's jeans (he always needs them shorter than they from from the shop) but she never thought of keeping them in the box of weed. She did discover that rinsing them in cold water and drying them out rejuvenates the weed inside. (The objective had been to clean them prior to slitting a seam to add more fresh weed.) Mine have some stuffing in them so i can really beat up on them. Xxx Mr T

  7. I create 'catnip mice' using a bit of left over quilt batting to stuff in with the dried catnip. They do get batted about, disappear under furniture, then are rediscovered to be slobbered on and enjoyed. I also keep a jar of home-grown catnip, dried and sifted. My oldest cat, Teasel, asks every morning for a tidbit which i sprinkle on the floor for her to wallow in.

  8. We give our cats catnip all the time. They do love it!