Wednesday, 27 January 2021



Was going to play the Ukulele but Rowan has other ideas, Can't read the music with her rolling all over it. lol

Saturday, 19 December 2020


 This is the last post until after Christmas.

Have a nice relaxing holiday and be back soon.


Friday, 18 December 2020


Following on from the chicken post, it put me in mind of the rabbits Dad used to keep in the garden.
One pure white one I named Snowy and used to often pet him in his cage.
One day I went down into the garden and Snowy was gone.
Dad kept the rabbits for food and every so often would help one on to the next rabbit world.

They used to hang in the shed once he had removed the insides with a stick across the middle.
I still don't know what the stick was there for.
I found this quite normal until Snowy was hanging up there because I'm sure if you'd have asked Snowy if he wanted to be helped on to the next rabbit world he would have said 'no'. lol

Now I would be horrified about all this but back then in the early 50's it was common practice to help with the shortage of food.
Nothing was wasted and we had a rabbit fur rug in front of the fire in the 'Best Room' and the little boy who lived upstairs was well pleased with his 'Davy Crockett' hat that my Dad made him.
I also had a 'Lucky' rabbits foot that I would carry around.

All sounds horrible now but accepted then.

Having trouble loading images, any tips.  Have cleared my cookies and cache and its made no difference.
Seems that they upload fine on FireFox but not on Chrome. 
Problem solved but why its suddenly happened is beyond my tec knowledge.





Thursday, 17 December 2020



 I have recently been watching a couple of Grayson Perry's Art Club series on All4.
when he mentioned Memory Jugs and my ears pricked up as I didn't know what they were.
I googled it and found a wonderland of jugs and other utensils that had been covered in all sorts of bits and pieces.

I am so excited by this (it doesn't take much, lol) because I have several drawers full of stuff that I could use here, collected for my patchwork but likely will never be used.

Above are a couple of examples.
I could do with the charity shops being open now to obtain some interesting vessels to cover.

You can use grout or make home made dough.
If you make your own dough you can even colour it before  you start.
I've been out and got the salt and a couple of food colours and probably after Christmas I shall give this a go.


Wednesday, 16 December 2020


 Here I go again, looking back at the past. lol

This time it's the Christmas dinner of the 1950's.

My Uncle had a very large garden and kept chickens. Back in the 50's chicken was quite expensive and unless you reared your own it wasn't a meat that was eaten freely.
Lamb and Pork were the meats that we ate most so when my Uncle used to come down to see us before Christmas with a chicken we thought we'd won the jackpot. lol
Only one problem. The chicken came fully feathered and with all insides present. 
Mum and I used to sit in the scullery (very small kitchen) and pluck the thing and I can tell you we had sore fingers after a while.
Then Mum would gut it and prepare it for cooking.
But, that chicken tasted lovely.
Free range, fed only decent food and not and injection anywhere. 

Tuesday, 15 December 2020


 Because of Toms illness and all of the 'business' that's going on we have a regular delivery slot with Asda.
Granted we don't order  huge amount each week but things like cat food coke, milk etc are heavy for us to carry and I am glad of the delivery each week.

They obviously think that we will be able to carry shopping for the next two weeks as my slot has stopped until 4th January.

They are too busy with Christmas orders to deliver ours and I'm quite sure that I will not get a slot before Christmas now.

That's nice and caring of them isn't it?

Money comes into the equation once again. 
I'm sure that if I had been doing a really big shop with them each week we would still have our slot.

Monday, 14 December 2020



Going back briefly to Tom's glasses, they came on Saturday and have made a noticeable difference.

Why they thought that just because he was old and had a cataract he wouldn't want to see properly is beyond me, but reading some of your comments it seems that lots of us are getting shoddy treatment.



We were beginning to get into a Jigsaw panic as during the lock-down  the charity shops and the car boots have been a no no.

This is where we get most of our jigsaws from and the pile we have hoarded was going down.

I'd say we go through 2 a week, sometimes more.

Then Matt (son) suggested that we look on Facebook Market Place. We are not very knowledgeable about Facebook and had never heard of this, but its a place where you can buy and sell.

If you put in your area where you live you can find all sorts of things local .

Lo and behold up came loads of jigsaws and we contacted a lady, who like us does them constantly and had some for sale.

They cost more than we usually pay at the car boot but when you have a 'habit' you need your fix or you suffer withdrawal symptoms. lol


We duly came back with 10 jigsaws for £30. 

We've kept in touch with this lovely lady and hopefully we have found a new supplier. 

I recommend jigsaws as a great relaxer, once we are sitting down with a jigsaw all the troubles of the world go a way for a bit.


Sunday, 13 December 2020


 Tom recently had his eyes tested and we already knew he had a cataract on the other eye .
The other cataract was successfully dealt with a couple of years ago.
The Optician gave him his new prescriptions but said that it wasn't worth bothering with the long distance until the cataract was done.
Hang on.....Tom is 81 next week with a terminal illness, this meant that he would have to go through the next year not being able to see properly, and at that age every second counts.
At the same time she was happy for him to get new readers.
So after some thought I rang the shop back and asked them to explain this.
They couldn't, and so I asked what changes there were to his long sight prescription.
Oh dear, red tape came into play.
'sorry we can't tell you over the phone'
Steam coming out of my ears I asked why.
The law.....
Anyway, the long and short of it is that he can have the long distance glasses after all but they will have to be changed when the cataract is done.
With all the hold ups in the NHS who knows when this will be.
In the meantime he has to sit in my computer chair to get close enough to read what's on the tv.
As you can see the Golf Game is a hit. lol
The moral of the story
If you don't push and do things for yourself you don't get anywhere these days.

Friday, 11 December 2020


 Sort of in keeping with the last post I'm going back in time again.
Not sure what is prompting me to do this backward thinking, must be my age.
Don't we all think that things were better in the past.  Even my kids 50, 53 and 56 are going back in time and saying how things were better when they were young. lol

This time I'm on the subject of telephones.
Back in the 50's and early 60's there was only one person in our road who had a telephone.
Miss Hall a spinster who had had a lucrative career in lace, she was the one to go to if there was an emergency.
The public telephone box was down the hill some way and probably had a queue outside waiting to use it.
Things could get quite heated if a caller was taking too long with knocks on the box to hurry them up.

I loved these phone boxes for one reason.
They all had a mirror in them and my beehive hairdo had to be checked every now and then to make sure it was all in place, lol
 When we were kids we never walked past them without a quick look to see if anyone had forgotten to collect the change.
Remember, press button A to hear them speak, press button B to get your money back.
Anyone remember that?

Who would have thought that we would have been able to see each other when we spoke like today, or carried our phone in our pocket.

For me the jury is out as to whether it's good to have a phone on tap or not.
Sometimes they are wonderful but most times they are an intrusion.

Thursday, 10 December 2020


 Browsing through Pinterest the other day I noticed a pattern for a crochet corner bookmark, so I thought I'd give it a go.

I used the recommended yarn and hook and it was fun and quick to make but I'm not that impressed with it.

I think it's a bit bulky, although you are able to close the book okay.  My opinion would be that it would be better made in a thinner yarn.

If you fancy making one there are various designs on Pinterest and they don't take much yarn.