Sunday, 19 March 2023


 Now that I am on my own the thought of falling and there being nobody to help looms into my mind.

I know the kids are always there for me but they live some distance away and although I have a loud voice I couldn't project it that far, lol

So I have bought my self a pouch to hold my mobile phone that I can carry it around without any problem and if I should fall and not be able to get up ( I won't, that's a fact ) I can yell 'Hey Siri' and ask her to call either Penny or Matt and get help.

I remember Tom's Mum fell in the bathroom and unfortunately was found the next day, had she had something like Siri she could have had help and not died, sadly there wasn't anything like that then.

I  would really rather not have it on all the time as we hear snippets on the media that these things are listening to us all of the time, but I don't think they will get any secret information from me, maybe a few swear words, lol

Anyone else use it for this purpose?


Wednesday, 15 March 2023


 Today it was my 77th Birthday.  

Really! I can't be that old can I?

The family took me out for lunch and I had some lovely cards and gifts.

A Swatch watch from Matt and a considerable amount of money from the others.

Here's the old lady with her bouquet. 

We were all a little sad inside as there was a big hole where Tom should have been but I'm sure he was there in spirit.

Here's looking forward to another year.


On another subject, I have made the decision to take my piano upstairs and bring my craft table and goodies down in it's place.

Matt came up yesterday and did all the heavy lifting for me.  Thanks Matt, xxx

I find that because all of my stuff is upstairs I'm no bothering to do anything, but with it right in front of me I should be more inclined to get some crafts done.

This was taken last night so looking a bit dim but I'm pleased with it and it doesn't look as bad as I thought it would.
After all, there's only me here now so it really doesn't matter.

Rowan under the 'sun lamp' lol
who says cats are silly, she knows that she gets the heat from the lamp by sitting in the drawer.


Friday, 10 March 2023


 As all cat lovers will know, cats love Cat Nip and mine are no exception.

I keep several, what I call 'smelly bags' in an old plastic sandwich box that is filled with catnip.

I make the bags out of cotton and fill them with catnip but over time they flatten as the catnip disintegrates, so rather than refilling I leave them to 'mature' in the box.
At the slightest sound of the box lid coming off they are alert and at my feet waiting for one each.
The down side of this is that the bags are covered in catnip and the carpet looks like it has dandruff after a drug induced roll around from them all. lol

When they have finished with them and are all intoxicated and quiet you need rubber gloves to collect them all up because they are saturated with saliva, YUK!


Thursday, 9 March 2023


I've notice just lately that there is a noise coming from me that I did not ask for.
A small (thankfully) little grunt is issuing forth without my wanting it.

Anyone else got the same problem.
I keep telling myself there is no need but it isn't in my control to stop it, lol

Obviously another old age addition that I didn't bargain for.



Tuesday, 7 March 2023


 Well, I finally feel like posting again.  Life has been a bit up and down since Tom died but all the paper work is now sorted and I am feeling a bit more settled.

I decided that crochet therapy was the way to go as it takes your mind off of things and I know that Tom would agree with me if he was here.

This throw has been in the making for a while and is quite a task, I have to make 158 motifs and 14 half motifs

Not sure how many are here in the drawer but not nearly enough. I have a box for all the ends, thinking I might do something with these sometime, shame to waste all those lovely colours.

I have my basket and box of colours right beside my desk and take them at random, 4 colours for each motif.

Each motif has to be sewn together to make the throw and I'm finding this the most tedious business. But, I know it will be worth it in the end.

As you would expect we have a photo bomber in the shape of Willow.

On the subject of Willow, she is as you can see doing okay.   She had another fit a couple of weeks ago that frightened the pants off of me, she was rolling about the floor all legs and arms going but seemed to get over it and has been fine since then.
I'm hoping that the thyroid meds will put a stop to them and she certainly seems to be better in herself.
fingers crossed.


Saturday, 18 February 2023


 After a distressing morning yesterday wondering how I was going to get the meds into Willow I solved the problem.

They all get the proper fur ball biscuits that are good for them but I also buy a bag of cheaper biscuits from the supermarket for treats.   They love these but I am sparing with them.

They also get a small dish of wet food each evening.

I know,  lol   I am a slave to these little monkeys but I love them and nothing makes me happier than to just have them around and watch them.

I bought a new fresh bag of these treats and put 6 on the plate, then I squirted the meds on top and mixed them about.

I can't tell you have relieved I was when she gobbled them down, then I put 2 or 3 more and mopped up the residue and she ate them up.

This morning I have repeated this and again she has eaten them all, so I think this is the answer.

Once I have her on the mend I am thinking that I may take Princess for a blood test as I'm wondering if maybe she has a thyroid problem as well

For her it may be the other way around as she has got so fat and spends the whole day asleep under the duvet but doesn't really overeat.

With the cost of the med I'll be living on toast and jacket pots, lol

Feel a lot better today and meeting Penny for a coffee.

Enjoy your weekend




Friday, 17 February 2023


 I now have the medicines. One lot for the thyroid and another because she was deficient in potassium.

Both can be put on the food or straight into the mouth.

That sound simple enough doesn't it?
Firstly she is a finicky eater and picks at what she fancies.
Secondly she is not a cuddle cat.  She will come on my lap and loves a stroke and tickle but picking up is a no, no.

I managed to get her to take both lots on a small amount of tuna last night but she's having none of it this morning.
Okay, I thought, I'll put it straight into her mouth.
That's easier said than done.   If Tom was here he could hold her while I got it into the corner of her mouth but me on my own trying to hold her and administer it was impossible, especially because I have 2 lots to give her.

I rang the vet this morning as when we were talking he did mention a cream that could be rubbed into the ear.  This may have to be the way to go although I am still going to have to pick her up and hold her, but not so distressing for her as me poking it in her mouth.

The only problem is that I don't think the cream is as effective. I'm now waiting for the vet to call me back and we will discuss what options there are.

Just a bit down this morning but I know that once I'm dressed I'll pick up. 
It's times like this when you need another hand.
I'll let you know what the vet says.


Thursday, 16 February 2023


The vet rang me back yesterday afternoon with the blood test results and it was as I thought, Willow has a thyroid problem.

Luckily it can be put right with medicines.

Hopefully this will sort out the legs.

I have read that the thyroid can affect the heart, it can cause small blood clots that can make the back legs go so am hoping it will put her right.

We are taking Mummy Polly up to see them tomorrow to get her claws cut and will pick up the medicines then.

Has anyone else had a cat with this problem and if so how long does it take for the medicines to work?

The meds are not cheap but if they work the vet is willing to give me the prescription so that I can buy it cheaper online, I thought this was good of him.  He will recommend a good site for this. 

Phew!!  I was worried that she would have to go to sleepy byes. 

She will have another blood check in 3 weeks time to see if they are working.

Another 'event' over.

How quickly 15 years go by.


Wednesday, 15 February 2023


Willow had another turn yesterday tea time, her legs just went again.

I rang the vet and am taking her early this morning at 8.15, not sure what to expect but I'm going to ask for blood tests.

I have been googling and it seems that thyroid problems can cause it, if so and meds will put it right I shall be happy but if it is nuerological I shall have to consider the dreaded.

They are all almost 15 years old now and Mummy Polly is almost 16 and so I must expect this kind of thing but coming straight after losing Tom I feel as though it is all going wrong at the moment.

Here I am at 6.15 having just made a cup of tea because I can't sleep.

Wish me luck.



Monday, 13 February 2023

Problems commenting

 Can anyone tell me why I'm having problems commenting on some posts.

It says to sign in and I do, but it makes no difference.

Help !