Friday, 12 April 2019


As I have written before, Tom is suffering from IPF (Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis) for those who do not know what this is,
Idiopathic  means that nobody knows what causes it and therefore there is no known treatment at the moment that cures it.
One of the things that goes with this complaint is a dry uncontrollable cough.
He has been given Codeine linctus for this but has not taken it as he has found the CBD drops to be fairly effective.  However, he temporarily ran out of them and so tried the linctus.

The result of this was that he was up half of the night with terrible tinnitus and when we looked into why this was we found that the linctus contained 'sunset yellow' colouring.
I rang the chemist this morning explaining the situation and was told that 'yes' it was probably the cause.
He is going to try to get some without the colouring for us, but as a new supply of CBD oil is in the pipeline he will not need it for now, just as a backup thank goodness.

I thought that all of these E numbers were being phased out but obviously not.

I then got to thinking of all the kids that are so angry and the knife crime etc that is rife and the thought crossed my mind  that if this could annoy Tom so much what are the additives in our food doing to us all.
Is this why kids are so bolshy, irritable and  hyper (not all of them of course)
Have you ever found yourself feeling a bit ratty and not knowing why? 

Just a thought a me and my enquiring mind. lol

Wednesday, 10 April 2019


Now that I'm in a better frame of mind having got Tom's horrible consultant and my Arthur  sorted I have started back on my needlework.
I couldn't find any enthusiasm for it while things were all up in the air and we were both in the doldrums a bit.

So, I though I would make a start on getting the fabric journal put together.
A light bulb moment said that it could be a good idea to use the serger to neaten the ends of the pages and use some of my multi coloured cottons.
This meant re threading the serger,  Whoooooaa!
Every time I change the cottons  I know that I will have trouble.

Its taken most of the morning to sort it out and I had to get in my trusty mechanic (aka Tom) who has infinite patience (unlike me) to sort it out.

Straying from the serger for a minute I'll tell you that I'm the kind of person who only likes the good bits, lol
I once had a sort of lambretta scooter but only wanted to ride it.
I didn't want to put petrol in or all the other  bits and I'm like that with any machine.
So you see why I got in the mechanic. ha ha.

Please to say he has put everything right and its working fine now.

I have quite a few pages now with a couple more in the pipe line.
Above is the edge that I was going to finish with the serger but after a lot of trial and error I think I may hand finish.
 Thanks to all who commented on the Arthritis, I guess most people have it and it's a case of living with it.
When I look around I realise how lucky we are  after all, we could have worse to cope with.
We are both still able to see, use our hands and laugh together, that's a lot isn't it?
even if we do walk around the supermarket like the couple on the road signs, lol

Tuesday, 9 April 2019


I haven't mentioned it much before but I'm suffering from Arthur.
Arthritis  I mean and for ages now my hip has been giving me jip to put it mildly.

I often find myself involuntarily shouting when it catches me, thankfully I've managed to contain it when I've been out or it might be thought I was auditioning for a carry on film, lol

A while ago after sitting in a cafe for a meal I genuinely couldn't stand on my left leg (no alcohol was imbibed) when I got up to go. Good job Tom was there with a chivalrous arm for me to hold on to or I couldn't have got out to the car.

This told me it was time to go to see the Doctor.
 I hate going to see the Doctor and avoid it at all cost if possible.

I was sent for an x ray and the decision made was that it was indeed the Arthur.

My left index finger was a good pointer,  even if it does point the wrong way. lol

The Doctor has advised taking paracetamol and codeine pills 4 times a day.  WHAT?
As a person who hates taking pills this seems a bit excessive, and have I got to take them for the rest of my life, because the arthritis isn't going anywhere soon is it?

If things do not improve (not likely) then I could take a look at steroid injections or a hip replacement..
I have told the doctor that I am not interested in a hip replacement having been given some details of the op from a nurse close to me.
 So am looking to try to lose some of my 'warm padding' to see if things improve.

I'll keep you posted.

Monday, 8 April 2019


2 or 3 times a week we visit Waitrose cafe for a coffee and a read of the free papers.

It seems like a simple thing to do but to us it's a break in the day and we enjoy it.

But on totting the cost up the other day I realised just how much this little pleasure was costing us.

And so, we bought ourselves some biodegradable bamboo mugs to take advantage of their free coffee machine.

Today we enjoyed a relaxed read of the papers and a free coffee, lovely.

On another subject altogether.

I've been pondering on the meaning of the phrase 'Just the ticket' I know what it means but how did it come about?
Also, when we kids were at home I remember my Mum often saying she'd give us a clump if we didn't behave (don't worry, it was a saying and nobody ever got 'CLUMPED' lol
But where on earth did that word come from?

I could come up with so many of these phrases, my Mum was full of them but they do not seem so prevalent these days.

Sunday, 7 April 2019


I am putting out a call to all my lovely bloggers to ask if you know of the best vacuum cleaner out there for picking up cat fur.
I have an ancient Dyson and a G Tech Air Ram. the Air Ram was good to start with but is no longer performing well and the Dyson has had it.
I am loathe to buy a new hoover, get it home and find it is useless.

Anyone got a good recommendation?

Friday, 5 April 2019


Look what they've done to my leg.
I've just been and had my manhood removed.
Feel okay actually.

Wednesday, 20 March 2019


First I'd like to thank you all for your Birthday wishes, the cake was lovely but so bit, I gave a big hunk to my daughter for her husband and my son is coming up today for another big hunk, then its all gone.

Yesterday was one year since we went to the consultant about Tom's  Ipf, we found her to be so compassionate and lovely and  she talked about her new baby and even showed photo's of it in the same outfit as Tom's jumper from Gap.

So we went again yesterday to see her and get any new info she had and to talk about things in general.
Well, it couldn't have been more different, it was as though we were talking with a different person.
She was abrupt to the point of rudeness and had no softness at all.
Every question was treated with disdain, we felt so uncomfortable and couldn't wait to get out.

This time we were offered treatment that would mean a trip up to London to the Brompton Hospital to be assessed for drug treatment, the problem is that these drugs have quite horrible side effects and are not guaranteed to make a difference.
They MAY slow the disease down but there is no guarantee.
The side effects are sickness, diarrhea, loss of weight and not being able to expose you body to the sunlight.   I also read from people's experiences that they lost their sense of taste.
On top of not being able to breath properly I know myself that I wouldn't like to have any of these things and Tom is in agreement.
So we have decided to carry on as we are and take things as they come along.
This is our choice. 

What was wrong with the consultant I do not know, overwork, baby playing up who knows, but the difference it made to us was profound.
We don't want them to fawn over us but a pleasant manner doesn't cost anything does it?

The cat is being worked on again after getting sort of stuck.
I couldn't think  how to do the cheeks and chin and just left it for a while but I think this is working okay.

Once they are completed I'm going to stick little diamontes in the middle of each flower. These are just placed so you can see the effect.

I thought you might be interested in these flowers.
I have cut them from an embroidered table cloth that had seen better days, they could be used as applique.

Friday, 15 March 2019


Another year older and a lovely day thanks to my lovely family.

One beautiful cake, too good to cut into from my Daughter, also had another from my Son, that one went very quickly, lol

Some lovely cards and also some thoughtful pressies and cash for spending later.

Went out for a meal with the favourite doggy, Bo.

Look whose pooped out after and exciting day.

Sunday, 10 March 2019


He thinks he's on his own.
He's dragged a towel from the radiator and is having fun with it but Mummy is watching in the glass.

Monday, 4 March 2019


Last night my hip, back and other various joints were playing up and I thought a nice warm bath was in order.

I'm never alone when I have a bath as Rupert always accompanies me, sitting by the side of the bath making pitiful meow  sounds.

I explain that I can't stroke him as I have wet hands but he just keeps on yowling.
So if you can't beat them join them my Mum always used to say.

I started mimicking his  meow's but at some point I must have got it just right because he trotted over to the bathroom door and turned a looked at me with saucer eyes and wouldn't come back over.
Don't ask me what I said,  but he didn't like it. lol

I guess I can now claim to have at least one word, or even sentence, of cat speak, lol

This is not Rupert, just a stock photo