Saturday, 3 December 2022


 I'm making Butterflies for no other reason than that I saw them on Pinterest and liked them.

They are fabric origami Butterflies and quite easy to make.

You can find lots of YouTube videos showing how to make them if you fancy.

I have started to decorate on a couple with glitter and beads and intend to do them all.
When finished I'm thinking of putting them around a willow wreath.

It's taking a long time to get these finished as I'm having to fit them in around everything else that's going on here, but I'll show more as I go along.

Hope you are all well.


Tuesday, 15 November 2022


 I am not at my best first thing in the morning and it takes a while before I can face the day.  

With all that is going on here one of the ways for me to relax is to play cards online. No, not poker, lol

I play patience and after I have dressed, I have a few games before I go down and face the day.

This morning I got it out after only two tries and felt that this was an omen that the day was going to be good.

I then went into the work room next door to get a puzzle and the (luckily small) travelling iron that I use for my needlework fell off of the table and of all the places it could have landed on, it landed on the corn on one of my toes.

How can that be that it aims itself onto that small area ???

If that's not 'sods law' then I don't know what is

So, the moral is

Don't think that getting the cards out means anything, LOL



Sunday, 28 August 2022

Humming Bird Hawk Moths are back

 A few years back I had a huge honeysuckle plant that grew up my stairs just like the Nasturtiums are now.

It attracted the Humming Bird Moth and it was the first time we had ever seen one.

I haven't seen one for years but this year, on both side of my garden there are Buddlia bushes and lo and behold, I was sitting on my bench the other evening and saw one on the Buddlia.  Since then I have seen quite a few.

I'm guessing that they get the name from the very fast beating of their wings and the really long proboscis.
I actually was able to see the proboscis unfurling and going into the flower,  so fascinating.
Anyone else got them visiting their gardens?


Thursday, 25 August 2022


 Years ago when I was living at home my Dad would always plant some nasturtiums each year and I remember him telling me that all parts of this plant are edible.

Apparently the seeds can be pickled and the leaves and flowers are good in salads.

I haven't tried this but the leaves are said to taste peppery and are good in sandwiches.

This year I planted 6 seeds into a large tub and this was the result.

I should have photographed them earlier as they are a little past their best now but you can see what a lovely display they are and how they disguise an ugly metal staircase.
I shall definitely plant them again next year.


Friday, 19 August 2022

Good Excuse For Doing Graffiti

 On our way to the shops I spotted this on a wall.

Made me laugh so it's not all bad. lol

Wish Me Luck Tonight

Since Rupert's demise and with Tom not well my energy levels are not what they used to be.

My duvet cover needs changing but I can't get any inclination to do it.

Therefore, I came up with a solution for the time being.

I have just made the top the bottom and visa versa.

This means that I shall be grappling with poppers tonight under my chin from the opening that should be at the bottom, lol

Wish me luck.

Maybe I shall have the energy to change it tomorrow.



Wednesday, 17 August 2022


In an effort to reduce my outgoings I decided to ring around to the various companies that we use and ask if they could reduce my payments.

On ringing the water people I as told that the water is charged on how many bedrooms you have in your home.

We have three bedrooms but there are only the two of us here now and so two are used as craft room and spare.

We do not own a washing machine (daughter takes the big stuff and I do the rest in the sink)  

We do not own a dishwasher and do not take showers every day.

Our use of water is minimal

We cannot have a meter as we are in a converted house and the water board are unable to fit one.

So my question it,  how can the amount of bedrooms equate with our water usage?

Try as I may to get the man on the end of the phone to accept how stupid this is it fell on Stoney ground and he wouldn't budge.

So I must continue to pay as though there were at least a couple more people living here using the water even if there isn't.  

At least Virgin Media were more accommodating, they reduced my bill considerably, so if you are with them for your internet and tv, give them a call.

On the pussy cat front,  I can't tell you how much I miss my darling Rupert, several times Rowan (fluffy like Rupert was) has passed by and I thought it was him. 

I shall get over it eventually but have never been so upset over losing a cat.




Wednesday, 20 July 2022



We are completely devastated here.

Rupert was not his usual self on Friday last week and we took him to the vets thinking that it was another stuck fur ball.

After a follow up on Saturday and another on Sunday blood tests were taken and it was found that his Kidneys, Pancreas and Liver were giving up.

All this came as a complete surprise as I was preparing to pay for another op to put him right and didn't contemplate that he may have been ill with anything else.

I didn't hesitate to in my decision to let him go to sleep but we are upset beyond measure.

I have buried him in my little garden and know that he is no longer in pain.



Thursday, 30 June 2022


 Things are not so good here.  Tom has had another heart attack but has got over it,  the problem is that  it has made his breathing a lot worse and he is really struggling.

Nothing more can be done to help and it's not nice to see someone ill and not be able to help.

He had a panic attack the other night and we had to call in help but once he had calmed down he was okay.

Pretty scary for both of us.

He's getting up a lot later now but still enjoying his food and able to do his jigsaw, and just like him, he's not complaining at all.

On a nicer note, the Bijou Garden is looking good this year considering that I was not going to bother.

Here you can see the little sentry box shed that was erected in place of the other blue one.

This is just big enough to hold the garden bits and piece's

I re-painted the gate and bench. Had to have lots of 'sit's down's' lol,  but got there in the end.

Birds eye view.

Both honeysuckles on either side of the stairs have been awful this year.  Anyone else had trouble with honeysuckle?



Saturday, 18 June 2022


This is my sofa

Now go away !

Still being bossed about here, lol