Tuesday, 7 September 2021

Sunday, 5 September 2021


 When we had our allotment we bought some slug pellets to get rid of the slugs and snails but after witnessing them dying from eating these I vowed never to use them again,  therefore my little garden is a haven for slugs and snails.

It doesn't bother me as during the day they hide themselves away and never get in my way.

I plant flowers that the slugs and snails do not eat and so the garden isn't bothered either.

But, as you probably know, I put out food for the foxes each night and after they have taken all they want, out come the slugs and snails to finish up the crumbs.

The result is that I have a silver path.

This doesn't bother me either as it is dry by morning and hoses off easily, but it doesn't look nice I must admit.

So, I thought I would foil the little bu****s and put the fox food in the alleyway that runs behind the house.

I just had to laugh this morning when I opened the back gate and saw that they had all decided to squeeze under the gate and out into the alley to get to the food.

It must have looked like a convoy of slugs, I'd love to have seen it. lol

I am now thinking that they must be able to smell as otherwise how did they know it was there?

So, tonight I'm going to put it the other side of the gate and see if there's a silver trail going the other way in the morning.


I've just looked up about slugs and apparently they have an amazing sense of smell, well who would have thought it.

If that's the case, I bet the snails were hopping mad as they couldn't get under the gate, LOL

Wednesday, 1 September 2021


 This year we bought another new fan for the Summer as the old one was getting a bit noisy.

It was still working fine so rather than throw it away I took it to one of the big communal bins by the side of the road and left it in front with a note on for someone else to get some use out of it.

As I went around the bin to put it down, there in front of me was a bread maker that someone had left with the same idea as me.

I had no idea if it was working but figured that if it didn't work I would just return it to the bin.
Got it home and found it to be unused and new complete with instructions.  Plugged it in and it beeped.
Good sign, I thought.
So I asked Tom if he fancied being a baker for the afternoon as it was something he could do that wouldn't require much puff and it would make him feel useful.

I have had bread makers before but they were great big things and this is quite small in comparison.
Here he is getting to grips with the measurements.

One perfect little loaf just big enough for two.
I reckon we will get about 8-10 slices from it.
Had it toasted this morning and it was delicious.

So, it looks like Tom will be kept busy trying various kinds of bread. lol

Tuesday, 31 August 2021


 It's not easy this life is it?

Just as you think you've got it covered another ball hits you in the face.  

As you know Tom suffers from Lung Disease through no fault of his own.  He has never smoked or worked with anything that could have given him this disease but I am sure that taking a certain drug for over 20 years is the cause, indeed I'm sure of it having found evidence online from the FDA that this drug causes IPF.

This drug, RAMIPRIL, is still being dished out to people to this day but the medical profession will never admit that some of the drugs out there cause more harm that good.

Add to that the recent heart attack, we are taking each day as it comes and some days are more challenging than others.

It's worse than hard to watch the person you love and have been with for 60 years struggling for breath and unable to do even the simplest task anymore but there is no choice and so we both get on with it.

If my posts are sporadic I hope you will understand that I am up and down but I am feeling a bit more positive today as is obvious by me posting this.

On a brighter note, I've got the crochet out again and am on the 10th square of my upstairs throw, the one I'm doing in my own yarn and colours.  The downstairs one made with the kit is a little more advanced and I'll take some pics later.

Thankyou for all your comment on the last post.


Friday, 20 August 2021


 I have not been posting recently as things are not easy here.

Tom decided to add to his woes by having a heart attack last Friday.

He was carted off and we honestly thought he would not be coming back but as usual he bounced back (well not so much bounced as limped) but he's back home with another stent in his heart and on the mend.

On the plus side, my Grand daughter came up to see us the other day and she is learning to crochet.

I gave her some yarn and a bag of ready made squares that I had in the cupboard.

Look what she did with them.

Made herself a little sun top.

I'm so proud of her and pleased that someone will carry on the crafting  in our family as my daughter isn't the least bit interested in yarn or fabric etc.

Monday, 26 July 2021


 My second experiment with powdered eggs has been a hit.

I know that many people have reservations on using them after talk of what they were like in the last war.

So far I can vouch that they are brilliant.

Little butter in pan.

4 tablespoons egg powder, 12 tablespoons water mixed well together and poured into pan.
You may have to adjust to get a egg like consistency.

This scrambles up exactly like normal eggs do.

Serve on toast.

The taste was exactly like whole eggs and the texture was also the same.

I have been in touch with the manufacturer and they tell me that they are good for 6 months when stored in a cool place but personally I think they would keep for a bit longer than that as they will always err on the side of safety as with all sell by dates.

The way things are at the moment non of us quite know what the situation will be in the future and these would be a great addition to your store cupboard.

Next step will be to try in a fruit cake.

Watch this space.


Saturday, 24 July 2021


 This morning I gave the powdered eggs their first try out by making Scotch Pancakes.

They were a success and tasted no different to making them with whole eggs.

1 Tablespoon of dried egg to 3 Tablespoons of water = 1 whole egg.

I used a simple recipe of 

125gms S.R.Flour

25gms caster sugar

1 reconstituted egg

milk to mix 

The mixture should be like thick cream.

Hot pan, wait for bubbles and then turn over.

Absolutely nothing negative to say about these, very yummy.
I topped mine with a little jam but I am thinking there are many things you could put anything you fancy on top.

Looking forward to using these in a cake soon. 
Will show when made.

1 kg of these eggs are equivalent to 84 fresh eggs.

Not sure if you shop around if you could buy them cheaper but I got mine from here.

I emailed them for info and they said they would send me a sample, didn't think it would be a great big bag, so if you fancy getting in touch with them, ask them for a sample and you may get lucky.

I understand that they keep for a year but looking into that.

Price wise I don't think they work out a lot cheaper but really it's for the convenience of always having them on hand that I was thinking of.

Friday, 23 July 2021



Here they are, the powdered eggs.
The firm said that they would send me a free sample and I was expecting a small sachet, instead I have this huge packet.

Will get back to you when I have tried it.
It will last for a year so good for the store cupboard.


Thursday, 22 July 2021


 We're not early risers here so when the bell went at 7.45 this morning we were not best pleased.

But when I saw what the parcel man had delivered I was over the moon.

I had not expected this to arrive so soon.

A bag stuffed full of wonderful wool in all the colours of the rainbow for my crochet throw.

That's enough to keep me happy for a while. lol

Wednesday, 21 July 2021



All of the cats are littered around because of the heat but Rupert seems to suffer most of all.
Here he is enjoying full blast of the fan.

Enlarge for best view.