Saturday, 19 June 2021


Amazingly, we do not own a washing machine.

We wash smalls over the launderette each week and my Daughter kindly takes the bulk of it and brings it back each week for us.

I usually put it in a black bin bag and she, as you can see leaves it in the hall.

Someone who is very nosy has been in and pulled some of the washing out and strewn it over the carpet.

I don't think it was her husband Steve and am only left with one other body in that house.


Seen here occupying the lounger that his Mum bought for herself.

I notice that one eye is open in readiness to be as heavy as possible in the event that she tries to move him, lol


Thursday, 17 June 2021



All exciting here, I'm getting an Electric Ukulele delivered tomorrow.

I love my Uke but sometimes I feel it a bit flat when playing slower tunes.

Am hoping this will cure that.

Who would have thought an old lady of 75 would be playing and electric Uke. lol

Today it's so muggy and hot Tom is having trouble with his breathing.  Summer is not ideal for him and although we wait all year for the sunshine the Autumn and Spring are best regarding the weather for us both.

I think it's a stay at home day with a bit of jigsaw etc and hope the damp muggy weather soon clears.

The crochet throw is still in progress.

Here are the latest two squares and the first one in the background.

I'm now on the fourth square and enjoying it immensely.

I think the colours are a factor with lots of changes so I don't get bored.

Will show the next square soon, just have a couple of rows to finish. 

Stay cool wherever you are.



Tuesday, 15 June 2021



Every year like clockwork a Peep Peep appears.  We hear it first before we see it and dread the sound.

I'm talking about a baby seagull.

This is not our's in video but this is the sound they make.

No need to play it all, it will drive you mad. ha ha

The same two Seagulls are with us day and night and have been for years, as these beautiful birds live for on an average for 20 to 25 years we may have them with us for a lot longer.

But once the baby is a little bigger it starts it's peeping and doesn't stop until Mum and Dad chase it away, and that's a long time to listen to the peeping.

Today we heard the first peeps of the year and our hearts fell.

Last year they  managed to raise the chick to adult hood but the year before the chick left the nest too early and couldn't get airborne again, who knows what happened to it, probably a fox took it.

This one poked its head over next doors flat roof and looked exactly like the picture above, very young.

I just hope it waits until it's big enough to fly before it launches itself from the roof.

Recently about 5a.m. in the morning the parents have been shouting their heads of as the Seagulls from the sea make their way overhead back inland.  Now I know why, they are protecting the baby.

In the meantime I shall be closing my bedroom window as the peeping drives me

Saturday, 12 June 2021


 I am currently working on a jigsaw puzzle called 'Gritting the Road' and this got me thinking of my childhood when the gritters would regularly come around putting new road surfaces down with tar and covering the tar with grit.

I'm not sure if this procedure is or was done in other countries but in uk it was a common method of road surface and even the small side roads were regularly repaired in this way.

The only drawback for this was that when we kids fell over, and we often did, the grit would embed itself into our knees or hands and it meant a short break in playing out to let your Mum dig the grit out, plaster the wound with some ointment (note the old word for antiseptic cream, lol) stick a plaster on it an send us on our way.

No thought of bacteria getting in then, just plain old fashioned stuff from the biscuit tin that served as a medical box.

Another memory was making 'tar lollies' with the tar.
We would get old ice lolly sticks and twirl them in the tar to make lollies (none edible of course)

In those first years after the war all of the roads were maintained and even the side roads were kept in good order.
What happened then?
There must be enough money in the coffers now, more than in that time and yet the roads are appalling dotted with pot holes.

And all this post inspired by a jigsaw, lol

Tuesday, 8 June 2021



Bo having a crafty ciggy. lol

Actually a treat, but the camera just caught him at the right time. 

Monday, 7 June 2021



One of the lambs now grown so large playing with Pete eldest son.
See the little horns growing.

Mum and lambs taking some shelter from the sun.
Soon to be joined by a couple of Rams.
Kept separately of course.

Pete hopes to breed these delightful sheep.

Sunday, 23 May 2021


I recently mentioned Tom's cat tapestry cushion in a post and a kind Blogger wrote to me to ask if he would be interested in a kit that she no longer wanted.

Kate from here offered to send a kit of Sunflowers for Tom to do.

She's always a good read and you may like to pop over and take a look at her blog.

Not a very good photo but here he is making a start

Thanks Kate for your thoughtfulness.



Thursday, 20 May 2021


 For as long as I can remember I have seen Readers Digest Magazines in various places and on looking it up it appears that it was started in 1922.

I love these little magazines because they have lots of interest and if you don't feel like reading a book there's enough to keep you happy.

I'd forgotten all about them until I downloaded a Library app and there they were in the magazine section ready to download.

Personally, I don't like reading a book on my iPad and much prefer to hold a real book.

Lately I can't seem to find a book to hold me (I get like this sometimes) and have been doing crossword puzzles in bed before I go to sleep.

When I saw that Readers Digest did yearly subscriptions I thought I'd give it a go.

Nice short stories to read before bedtime and I might learn something new. 

So I've paid my subscription and am waiting for the first little book to come.

I'll show when it's here.

Wednesday, 19 May 2021


 Pleased to say that the dentist was a success yesterday.

What a difference a different dentist makes.  He was slow and methodical and gently worked out the problem in no time and I now have a good fitting denture.

That leads on to the both of us meeting Matt (son) today at McDonalds for a good natter and a burger ate inside.

We have had a couple of take away burgers while we have been in Lockdown but it's not the same somehow.

Still marching on with the crochet, wool literally everywhere, lol
I have a desk in my bedroom where I often sit at night working on crochet if I'm not tired enough for bed.

And here gently snoring behind me is Princess.

And Rupert perched on the corner.
No hope of making the bed any time soon. lol

Sunday, 16 May 2021


 I'm not sure if you will remember but Tom was working on a tapestry with a picture of a cat's head.

Well he finished it and I finally got around to making it into a cushion.

Unfortunately I have to have it on show with the back facing us.

It has a kind of spooky look to it and I can't bear to see it staring at me. lol

We didn't notice it while he was making it but sitting there on the kitchen sofa it is , well, what can I say.

Just Spooky

What do you think?