Tuesday, 19 September 2023


 My kids are always coming up with new Apps for me to try but I'm not into 'Apps' and usually decline.

But one of them, can't remember who, told me to get 'Instagram' and just to please them I downloaded it.

Boy, am I glad I did.

This morning as with a lot of other mornings I am crippled with arthritis pains that seem to want to get into every joint in my body.

I limp out to the kitchen and make sure the cats are fed and the tray is clean, make my breakfast and sit feeling sorry for myself.

Then I remember 'Instagram' and start watching it.

All I can say is, thankyou for the recommendation, I love it.

If ever you need a laugh or something beautiful to watch 'Instagram ' has it.

I pick and choose what I want to watch and after having a laugh (all on my own) I feel better.

I discovered 'Only Fools and Horses' this morning and have laughed so much that I already feel better.

What do they say

Laughter is the Best Medicine Poster | Zazzle | Laughter the best medicine,  Funny emoji faces, Laughter

Laughter is the best medicine, and they are right.



Saturday, 16 September 2023


 In my last post, I mentioned that I wasn't going to let the sofa business worry me and I meant it.

Control Your Worrying with Constructive Worry vs. Unconstructive Worry —  Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Los Angeles

When Tom was alive he worried about absolutely everything, if we were a day late paying something or not wanting to upset the neighbours, just literally everything.

When we were first married for the first years he suffered terrible migrains because he worried about his work.

When he died, I looked back over this and I thought, he spent his whole life worrying about one thing or another, and for what? because he's gone now and it was a waste of time worrying about all those things.  He could have been more relaxed and said  'Well we'll do it tomorrow' or 'not to worry it will get done in the end' but he didn't, and although I've not been a worrier like he was I have still worried in the past.

But after Tom's death I decided it's not worth worrying about anything, not to allow anything to get me wound up or allow other people to make me angry because, where does it get you? actually it just make you ill, the other people just walk away and get on with their lives, you are the one left stewing and bubbling over something and this affects your whole body.

I think I can honestly say now that I don't worry about anything, I think I am still concerned over things, like the cats, I don't want to lose them or them to be ill, but actual worry where you have something niggling you all the time and your frightened, no, I' not doing that any more.

Anger, that's no good either, you can get angry about something or really annoyed but once you've done that, think about it and let it go, it's not worth bothering and you are only hurting yourself

I only have a few years left and I don't want to spend that time stressing myself when there's no need and so far it's working.

And there you have it,  Briony's talk of the day, LOL

Wednesday, 13 September 2023


 The man came to re-stuff the sofa yesterday and explained to me that he couldn't do it as I had already had it stuffed once.

I told him that the shop didn't explain this when I bought the sofa and he just tutted and said that the assistants didn't know much, to which I replied, well they should do.

It was the same with the extra that I paid for having the cat scratches removed.  I found out later that they only did one scratch at a time.

Have they taken a look at a cats foot, they have several claws and are unikely to use just one to make a scratch.  well, I know they do scratch their chins with one claw in cartoons but I've never seen any of my lot doing it, lol


So, it appears that when you are in the store they will tell you anything, or rather, not be honest, to get you to buy.

I won't let it bother me, I've decided that nothing is really worth getting angry about any more, just go with the flow and laugh a lot, even if the laugh is a bit manic now and again, lol



Tuesday, 12 September 2023


 Yesterday I went with Penny to take a look at the chair in DFS. 

It wasn't what I want and a bit too big but on the way there I remembered that when we bought our present recliner we took out a sort of policy with them to get the seats re-stuffed should they ever need it.

So, while in the shop I asked them to check if it was still valid as we bought the sofa 4 years ago.

It was and today there is a man coming to hopefully restuff the one seat.

The other seat it fine as this was where Tom sat and he wasn't cuddly like me, lol

I have tried sitting on his side of the sofa but, I know this sounds odd but after always sitting on the left side it just feels wrong sitting on the other side.  

I think the man will be a bit shocked by the appearance of the sofa as it has been remodelled over the last 4 years and now has more lacey bits and a few holes. lol   
This is one of the things that is holding me back from buying a new one as I know that in no time at all the new one will also be shredded. lol
I was hoping for some rain today but none is forecast, I've  just given the garden a short water mainly for the busy lizzies that looked a bit droopy. 
Roll on the end of this hot weather I can't stand it.


Friday, 8 September 2023


 The other day I drove up to my nearest store that happens to be a Waitrose.  I know this shop is more expensive than most but it is the most pleasant place to shop, nice and cool and the staff are brilliant.

I purchased a lot of cat food and several other bits and pieces and when it came to paying was a bit shocked to find it added up to £90.

Since Tom died I do have days when I'm in the clouds and not quite with it and I did think at the time that it was a lot, but with prices soaring I accepted this and came home.

Once through the door  I am fit for nothing and I dumped the shopping in the kitchen and went for a sit down.

 Premium Vector | Shopping cart with food and drinks, receipt

About an hour later I was pondering on the cost of the shop and decided to check the receipt.

Lo and behold I had been chared for 43 tins of cat food that should have read 3.

I rang the shop and was told to go back next day and they duly gave me a refund with no trouble.

The moral here is... always keep and check your receipt.

I can't tell you how many times they have asked if I wanted the receipt and I have said no.

Who knows, I may have been over charged many times in the past.

I know one thing, I shall always take the receipt and check it in the future.



Thursday, 7 September 2023


 Yesterday's chair hunt was not successful.

Careco had loads of chairs but they all worked by leaning back to recline and that means that it would not go in the corner I want it in.  My recliner sofa sort of slides forward and the back doesn't move so that you could in fact have it against a wall.

After looking at chairs, going for a burger and getting a bit of shopping I was pooped and didn't fancy looking any further for chairs but Matt called in at DFS on his way home and I think they may have one to suit.  When he comes next week I will go and try it out.

Once home yesterday I crashed out for 1 1/2 hours, I was exhausted with the heat.

Today, I am jus waiting for Penny to come an collect me and we are going to Beachy Head to the restaurant for a meal, I'm always up for going out for a meal as I don't have to cook, lol

Here inside the cats are still looking for the coolest spot and I think Rowan may have found hers.

Laying on her back close to the banisters getting a lovely through draft.

Wednesday, 6 September 2023


How can you tell it's hot? because the fan is this end of the room, lol
I love the sunshine but can't stand the heat, yesterday I didn't venture out, it was far too hot for me. 

Matt will be here in a mo and we're off chair hunting, wish me luck.  Then on to Mc's for our usual Wednesday burger.

We never have a problem finding something to talk about and after a couple of days on my own he will probably be glad to be shot of me by the time he drops me off. lol

I'm fine on my own mostly but where Tom was bombarded with my chatter when he was here it's  the cats who get it now. lol



Monday, 4 September 2023


 Who would have thought that this tiny magazine that popped throught the door would have been so interesting, lol

This lady sitting here doing this post once used to ride everywhere on her bike and dig two allotments right up until her late fifties.

Now she is finding this little brochure so very interesting, lol

When Tom was ill we had several bits and pieces of equipment to help him from the council and I'm guessing that as most of our information is shared these days wether we like it or not, somewhere along the line this company has thought I might be good for business. lol

And they are RIGHT!

I'm perusing this little book with oohs and aahs and actually thinking that some of this stuff is very, very useful. ha ha.

Who would have thought it. 

On Wednesday, Matt is taking me to this company's large outlet and we are going to look at the 'Teacup Chairs'.  My name for them as they 'tip you up and pour you out' lol

You know the kind with the buttons at the side that you can recline in and then another button helps you to get out of the chair.

Can you believe that I am actually looking forward to this. ha ha.

Oh well, it comes to us all in the end and there's no escape, best to accept it and move on.

Keep smiling



Sunday, 3 September 2023


 Sorry for the long gap between posts but I just couldn't find the oomph needed.

Nothing wrong just pure lethargy.

Polly is 16 years old now and is getting a bit lax with cleaning the rear part of her fur.  I've had to cut several large clumps out and try to keep her combed but she doesnt' like it much.

Anyway, I do get worried about her as she sleeps quite a lot.  She is thinner than she was but I guess that's just age (wish I could say the same, lol)

I have been pondering on wether I should take her to the vets but really there is nothing concrete that I can say is wrong.

But, this morning I stood at the kitchen door in the sunshine and was surprised to see her quite a way over walking along a garden wall.

You don't know how happy this made me feel.

I guess she can't be feeling that bad if she can leap quite a considerable height onto this wall can she?

That's me set up for the day, it doesn't take much, if the cats are happy then I am.

I will try to post more often now.



Tuesday, 4 July 2023


 The origami fabric butterflies that I have been working on for a while are now embelished and attached to the willow wreath.

I'm really pleased with how they came out and can see lots of possible uses for these.

Hair clips, book covers, decorations in the home etc.

I treated myself to a Hotfix Applicator for sticking crystals to any surface and they worked really well on the fabric butterflies

I can see that this will be used for lots of things so not a waste of money. 


I also used glitter glue around the edges,
white satin ribbon is wound criss cross around the wreath and I now have to add, maybe, some flowers.

There are several sites online with instructions on how to make these if you are interested.
Please enlarge the picture for a better look.