Wednesday, 14 April 2021



Had to post this lovely video of Peaches the now much bigger lamb and Dillon the dog having fun on my son's small farm.

Tuesday, 13 April 2021


 Sorry to disappoint anyone who thinks this is a porn post, it's not, lol

All the hand sanitizing that's going on now is coming in for some criticism it seems  as is appears that too much disinfecting surfaces etc can actually be a bad thing.

I'm not talking about generally wiping surfaces but I know with the recent events many people have become a bit paranoid over wiping almost everything down, even shopping in some cases.

We need a certain amount of germs to keep us immune from bugs and we don't get them if we keep wiping them out.

I watch mothers continually wiping kids faces and hands and not wanting them to get dirty and have to shake my head.

Tom and myself have made it to an old age and we have never been worried about germs with ourselves or with our kids.

When I was a youngster I played out in the street all of the time, couldn't wait to get out there with my friends.

We sat in the gutter playing marbles, we made tar lollies when the roads were re surfaced and poked around in the garden dirt.

We were almost never sick.

How come? we were rotten dirty at the end of the day.

A little bit of dirt does you good.



Monday, 12 April 2021


 As I sat sewing and finishing the last three pages of my Fabric Journal this morning I was accompanied by the sound of a tree being chopped down.     Over in the next street another of our precious Elm trees had been infected by the disease 'Dutch Elm' and had to be taken down.

This disease was bought into the country from Canada in the 60's and has ravaged our Elms since then.

Where I live in the South East of uk it is the last strong hold of these beautiful trees and this year  I have witnessed so many being cut down.

We've managed to somehow keep them going for the last years but it would seem that the disease is winning.

    I'll be glad when they've finished as it's making me sad to hear that noise knowing that that tree has been here for so many years, possible over 100 years.

        If you'd like to know more there's a good video here.

Thursday, 8 April 2021


 Well here we are again and another Easter over.

Ours was fraught with internet problems and we were without access all over the Easter.

I wrote in my last post about the wheel going around on the internet and I ended up ringing Virgin.

A new hub was ordered and it arrived on Easter Saturday.  Tom removed the old one and connected the new.   Ever have this feeling that things just aren't going to go smoothly?

I just knew we would have problems.

It wouldn't connect and so another phone call had a man on the line connecting it for us, told us to leave it for half hour and wait for lights to steady.  Well they didn't. Another phone call informed us that an engineer would call on Sunday morning, they didn't, another phone call said 'sorry' they will call this afternoon,  they didn't, another phone call informed us that they didn't work on Sunday's and so we had spent the entire day inside for nothing.

On Monday they said that an Engineer would have to make a house call but not  until Wednesday.

He duly came yesterday and we are now up and running again.

Boy, did I miss that internet.

It's not until you haven't got it that you realise how important it is in life.

Anyway, I'm happy now to be able to shop, download books, play scrabble and do all the other things that I naively thought I could do without. lol

The new embroidery project is coming along nicely, I've used my promarker pens to colour in the background and am now embellishing on top, lots morel leaves to do yet but am fairly happy with it.

I love the beaded chain stitch and I can see me using this a lot more.

Hope you all had a better Easter than we did. 


Friday, 2 April 2021


 A few years a go my eldest son gave me an iPad for my Birthday, maybe 3-4 years ago.

Recently I've tried to download some apps and been told that my iPad is not compatible with these apps.

I've done all the updating etc that can be done but have had to accept that this 'good as new, not a scratch on it' iPad is now pretty much obsolete and only good for reading books an playing cards as  I can't download new apps. 

So, here's the new one. larger than my old one and brilliant.
Other son bought me a pen with a dobber on one end and nib for drawing on the other end and that is also great.
I could have bought a cheaper android but I think its worth splashing out for an iPad as they are so efficient and I didn't have a moments bother with my other one.

If you're wondering about the stand.  It's a cook book stand and I can use the iPad without holding it, especially good for playing Scrabble.

The other bit of technology that's a bother at the moment is actually trying to get the internet working properly.
We're fed up with watching the little wheel going around when trying to stream.
Today a new hub is supposed to be arriving and let's hope that it fixes the problem.
There's nothing worse than getting into a film or you tube and getting the pesky wheel half way through.
I am wondering though if it's to do with so many people working from home and of course now that the kids are off school they'll all be on the games but we'll see.
Just ordered a bit of shopping from the co-op.
Wonderful for quick delivery.
I ordered at 9 0'clock this and it will be here between 11 and 12, can't get better than that.

Hope you all have a relaxing Easter and the weather stays good.


Wednesday, 31 March 2021


Latest pictures of the 'tiny lambs' now growing into large sheep.
As you can see, being around dogs from the start they have no fear of the dogs.

It's all animals in our family at the moment.
Tom Grandson has just got an addition to his life in the shape of an English Bull Terrier.

Meet Patsy.  
She has been 'used' for breeding and no longer wanted poor girl.
She will now have a wonderful loving home and is already displaying a lovely nature.

Sun's out and meeting Matt and Penny for a burger in the park today.


On the crafting front, I have worked a bit more on the sampler.
I've added two rows of beaded chain stitch.

As all my work is done as I go a long I have no idea how this will turn out. lol
I might add some lattice between the rows, watch this space.

Have a lovely day, beautiful down here on the South Coast.


Friday, 26 March 2021


 I really don't worry too much about things in general, I have the attitude that what will be will be and if you can't do anything about it then don't worry about it.

But there it one thing that does play on my mind all of the time.

The Cats.

Mummy Polly is now approx 14 years old (not sure of her age as she was a stray, but only young when we found her). The other four are 13 years old in May.

At the moment they are all seemingly in good health, in fact Mummy Polly seems to be like a 2 year old.

Tom is 81 and I am 75 and it's clear that we aren't going to be around for a lot more years.
This lot have been with us, loved and cared for and they are all more or less house cats.
They do have access to the garden but prefer on the whole to stay indoors.

None of my children are likely to take them and I worry about what will happen to them when we are gone, should we depart before they do.
I realise that there are cat rehoming places but I'm not sure they would be easy to rehome.   None of them likes being picked up and cuddled and they all have their own little quirks that we don't mind accommodating but would not be acceptable to some people.

Fred and Kitty our last two cats were 14 when they went to kitty heaven and before that we had never managed to keep a cat past 8 years old, they all had cancer and went too early.
I didn't expect this little lot to still be here if I am honest.

So you see my worry.
One of us needs to stick around for a few more years.

Am I the only one to worry about their animals more that other things, lol


Sunday, 21 March 2021


 This morning I bleached the front section of my hair.  I've been wanting to do it for a long time but just didn't have the get up and go to do it.

I've always had my hair blonde and thought that grey would look just as good, but no, it doesn't, so I got out the stuff and did it.

I was 75 last week and maybe I should give in to the age thing and be natural, but I believe that if you look in the mirror and feel good then that has to be good for everything else in your life.

You can't be of any good to anyone unless you are happy yourself, that is my belief.
When things go wrong you need to be strong and believe in yourself first to cope with the stresses and strains of life.
That may sound selfish but it's not.
We are under a lot of pressure each day here with Tom not being well and if I look like I've just got up it would affect both of us.
Even though it is a struggle for Tom to get washed and dressed each day, he does it and feels so much better when he looks in the mirror.

On a lighter note.
Look who doesn't fit into the basket.
Rupert long legs.

Have a good weekend.

Wednesday, 17 March 2021



Mum Tracey with Clementine and Peaches her fast growing offspring now enjoying being out in the field.
Listen to that wind.   That's Scotland for you.

Remember when they were like this? at the end of Feb just about 4 weeks ago.

We are all going along nicely here but Tom had the stuffing knocked out of him with the tummy bug, still he's improving and the nicer weather helps.

Not done much sewing lately with other things going on but will get back to it soon.
Been playing lots of Ukulele though and loving it.
Well, I am, not so sure about Tom, lol

Friday, 12 March 2021


 I really hate these two cardboard boxes on my kitchen table but can't remove them as all of them like to take turns curled up in them.

Here's Princess and Mummy Polly licking each other to death.
It will probably end in a spat, it usually does but Princess can't get enough of it. 


Tom is feeling a lot better but just shattered by the whole event, it's taken its toll but he's getting better each day.
Thanks for all your good wishes.