Saturday, 4 April 2020


I received an email today from Sainsbury to say that the Government have approved us for help getting a shopping slot more easily.
I think they are going to free up some for the more vulnerable people and because Tom has a lung problem and must not go out we qualify.
I've been popping in and out of Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury's sites on a regular basis to try to get a shop delivered but there are never any  days available.
Penny is helping  at the moment but it would be nice to be able to pick my own shop (if they have it in stock?)
If you think you qualify there is a form on the Government web site for you to fill in.

Friday, 3 April 2020


I'm beginning to think that our Hospital should name a ward after Tom, he has been in and out of that Hospital so many times over the years and each time we think it's the last time he manages to find something else to get up there with.

Last night we went to bed late around midnight and I retired to my room as usual but noticed that his light was staying on.  On calling down and asking if he was okay it turned out that he was having a nosebleed.

For most people this is not a problem but if you are on blood thinning tablets like Tom then it can be troublesome.

56 Nosebleed Stock Vector Illustration And Royalty Free Nosebleed ...

After about a half hour it didn't look as though it was going to stop and so I rang 111 who told me to take him to one of the medical centres that are open late.
Not a good idea when he has a lung disease and we are not supposed to be mixing with folks and so I requested a call from a nurse.
She told us to go straight to A&E and so we took a taxi as I wasn't sure about the parking.
What an eerie experience driving through the streets late at night with not a car or person in sight.

When we arrived Tom was whisked away and I was not allowed even to enter the Hospital so had no choice but to get another taxi home and leave him there.

By 4a.m. they managed to stop the bleeding and I collected him this morning.
No damage done except to my fraying nerves.

Can't say that life isn't interesting being married to a Hospitalaholic (is there such a word?)
But all is well again and we wait with bated breath to see what he can come up with next. lol

Tuesday, 31 March 2020


We recently bought a small rug to go outside our bathroom in the hall.
Nice and colourful and it really brightens up the landing.
I was a bit dubious as it is slightly tufted, and tufted means lots of fun pulling bits out by you know who.

But it wasn't very expensive and if I stop to consider the cats all of the time we would live like monks in a cell, lol

This morning I was sitting catching up on the computer and heard a lot of scratching going on. I glanced out into the hall and saw Rowan trying to rip the rug to bits, I shouted loudly and she stopped.

A while later Tom walked through to the kitchen and announced that there was a pile of poo on the carpet.

And there it was, a neat little gift from Rowan.
Thankfully she hadn't spread it around and it was easily cleaned up but why on earth she did this I don't know.
It could have been because Princess was around as I know she sometimes waits outside the bathroom (where the litter box is) and ambushes her when she comes out.
But mostly Rowan usually goes outside in the small bit of garden,.
 I've recently emptied a couple of bags of fresh compost onto the square and maybe she doesn't like the feel of it.

Either way, I hope she doesn't make a habit of it.

Of course she may have got wind of the staying indoors, cats are cleverer than you think. lol

Monday, 30 March 2020


What a trying time this is for us all.
We have been indoors for a while now and are getting a bit fugged.
This morning we walked up and down the back alley that runs along the back of the housed for a bit of fresh air.
Felt a bit silly but what else can we do for a bit of exercise? 
The jigsaws have come out again and my daughter is collecting some from us today (left in the garden on the bench for her) they are marvellous for taking your mind away from real life and the time just passes so quickly.

Of course all of the cats are blissfully unaware of anything other than whose going to get the best spots in the sun or on the chairs and when's the next meal. lol

Here's four of them (and a pair of legs, lol) and the other one is probably upstairs 'inside' my bed.

Rang the pet shop today and thankfully they are delivering, managed to get a couple of bags of 'Hairball Biscuits' so important for Rupert.
Daughter is coming with the shopping and running errands to bank etc and then we should be okay or another week.

Tom says hi from his corner spot where he's busy doing his new tapestry.

Saturday, 28 March 2020


Sitting in the car on the prom (before the curfew) we see all manner of things but this was a first.

Bit hazy as its taken through the windscreen, but it's a man dragging a cross along on his shoulder.
No posters to say why.
It has got a wheel on the end so that must help but I bet it was heavy nevertheless.
Maybe he's doing a penance of some kind.

By the way, nobody was batting an eyebrow, lol
That's Brighton for you.

Friday, 27 March 2020


Buying a cream fitted carpet was not a good choice.
I knew it would get mucky with out lot but took the chance, however now after a few years and despite using several cans of vanish carpet cleaner it is the worse for wear.
So we have bought a couple of rugs, fairly flat so that we oldies so not trip on them and placed them over the marks.
Voila, the room now looks presentable again.

On behind the sofa and one 'not seen' in front.
Already in use in the ray of sunshine by Polly.
The best thing of all is that they do not show the hairs, hooray.

With Tom's complaint we are staying firmly indoors and our daughter is dropping food off in the garden.
So a good time to finish lots of stuff that I have got on the go.

A row of blackberries for a page in the 'Fabric Journal' that is still ongoing.
Might get a lot more done to that now, only wants the cover and putting together.

Hope you are all staying safe and let's hope it won't be too long before we are all back to normal.
Who knows, after this we may be more contented to stay in more.

Wednesday, 18 March 2020


I have mentioned before that we love our Mcdonalds every Wednesday.
We usually meet Matt (son) and chew the cud for a couple of hours over a big mac and chips to catch up on the weeks events.

With this virus going around and with Tom having lung problems it obviously isn't wise to be in close contact with people at this time and this includes our kids.

This put us in a spin, lol
What about the Wednesday Mcdonalds?

Fortunately we read that they were still doing 'take outs' and 'Drive throughs'.
Big Hurrah, lol

Quite a queue, but who cares, we are prepared to wait.

Take to nearby park and enjoy the view.

Two happy bunnies.

Monday, 16 March 2020

Sunday, 15 March 2020


It's my Birthday today, I'm 47 backwards, that sounds better to my ears, lol

They all asked what I would like and I chose money to go into my Paypal account.  I know it sounds boring but it means that I can use it without caring and buy bits and pieces such as 'more wool' Teddy eyes, craft books etc.

Tom Grandson didn't want to give money but sent me a lovely Parker cartridge pen, blue with astrological markings.  He knows I like Astrology so this was thoughtful of him.
I've wanted an proper ink pen for ages so I'm really happy with it.

Of course he has to write a little note that made me laugh.

A very large thimble from Matt.  It's actually a pot for , well, anything you want really.
I'd like to put a house plant in it but it wouldn't last five minutes with my lot.
I will find good use for it though, it's so unusual.

My Daughter gave me a cake and some truffles as well as the money, they won't last long, lol

And here's Willow singing me 'Happy Birthday'.

Friday, 13 March 2020


Almost every Wednesday we meet our youngest son for a Mcdonalds.
I must say that they have done a good job eliminating the plastic and most things now are cardboard but the straws leave much to be desired.
They are now made of environmentally recyclable cardboard but after a short use become all soggy.

Matt bought us one each of these

Flip the top.
I notice that a bit of fur has managed to get into the top, oh what a surprise. lol

Pull these out

And we have a portable collapsible metal straw with cleaner.
How clever.
Thanks Matt.