Saturday, 21 July 2018


Still hot here with no rain in sight.  The cats are all flopped around and Rupert has decided that the ironing board in the work room is the coolest place.

Please ignore the old lady with 2 pairs of glasses on in the mirror, she doesn't belong to me. lol

I fancied a few bunches of grapes. 

A couple more rows and another page for the fabric journal will be finished.

Where all the action is...

Monday, 16 July 2018


Look who is coming in two weeks time.

He's a Poochon, a mix of miniature poodle and bichon.
He is going to be my daughter and her husbands baby.
They went down to pick one yesterday , this one came right up and settled with my daughter straight away.
They have no children at home and so he will be thoroughly spoilt.
We shall be baby minders for few hours a couple of times a week.
Can't wait.
Haven't told the cats yet, lol

Sunday, 15 July 2018


What a week.
After getting all itchy with the first lot of antibiotics the Doctor changed them to another type.
Oh dear, this lot made me feel shivery and really cold.  I kept asking Tom if he was cold and he said he wasn't, the weather was hot and so I once again went to the Pharmacy and when they looked it up, yep, they have this side effect.
So then I was itchy and feeling frozen.
When the Doctor looked it up, I hadn't been prescribed antibiotics since the middle 90's and so can only conclude that I have become allergic or whatever they call it .

I decided to cancel the Dentist as the tooth by now was settling down and I didn't fancy the trauma of having a tooth pulled and more stuff pumped into my mouth.
So now I have decided to leave things and am doing the old fashioned salt water mouth wash and hoping the tooth keeps quiet.
Who knows what I shall do if I need antibiotic in the future.

Then there was the water butt fiasco.
Tom is finding it difficult to carry watering cans up and down the stairs ( our little garden is down a set of stairs) and  we don't like to keep using the hose so we thought a water butt would be the answer.
First one leaked (poured) from the tap.
Took it back and got another one that did the same thing.
Got refund as we were getting fed up with it by now, having to empty the butts each time before we could take them back.
Then I had a good idea.
We have an old council bin that we do not use.(don't tell the council, lol)
One tap costing £3.99 was fixed to the front of the bin and 'voila' a water butt for a fraction of the cost that does not leak.

Good news is, I've worked another couple of rows on the sampler. (top two)

Friday, 13 July 2018


When you have a family there is always lots to do. Every part of the day is taken up with caring for them.
Then the ball of string gradually starts to unravel and one by one they drift away and there's only the two of you left.
I've always been the type of person who likes to keep busy, knitting, sewing or even just reading. 
I feel quite guilty if I just sit and do nothing but I am trying to learn just how to do that.
The problem is that when you get to a certain age you know that time is of the essence and wasting it just sitting staring into space seems wrong.
Is it wrong though?
I've decided that it isn't and that I must not feel guilty if all I want to do is sit in the garden looking at the plants.
What do you think?

Wednesday, 11 July 2018


The antibiotics have been changed but the itching still lingers on from the first lot.
I have got some antihistamine pills but they don't seem to be doing a lot.  At least I managed to get some sleep last night.

Tomorrow the tooth will be out, just hope it all goes smoothly.

'When sorrows come, they come not as single spies, but in battalions'

That's how I feel at the moment.  We seem to get one thing over and another jumps in its place.

On a lighter note.  I was reading Sandra's post this morning found here  
and it reminded me of my daughter yesterday.
We have a small red nob on the floor of the toilet to stop the door from banging back against the wall.
She didn't have her glasses on and asked us what a cherry tomato was doing on the floor in the toilet.
She thought the cats may have been playing with it.

What kind of a house does she think I keep with tomatoes all over the floor, LOL

Tuesday, 10 July 2018


Just a quickie post of Rupert.
This is how you keep cool, legs akimbo and drape.

And a BIG yawn..


Princess is doing well and thankyou for all of you who have been asking.
The swelling on the foot has gone down to normal and the wound is healing.

I on the other hand am in the wars.
Over the weekend I suffered from toothache from a large molar that has been giving me little niggles for a while. 
I made an emergency appointment today and it will have to come out.
He gave me some antibiotics and asked if I was allergic to them.  As it is literally years since I took any I answered no.
It's 2 o'clock in the morning as I type this post and I am covered in a really itchy rash that is driving me mad.
I'm guessing that it is the antibiotics that have done it and I'm so glad that I have only taken two of the things.
I've done a google on it and apparently it will disappear as quickly as it arrived, lets hope its correct.

What a time to have a rash..when the weather is so hot!

Saturday, 7 July 2018


I was worried when I thought Princess might have had to have her leg amputated but look at this article in the paper today.
Two little one's born with only 2 legs each and managing to scratch and jump.

Tuesday, 3 July 2018


I apologise to those of you who may have read a post this morning concerning Princess who may have had to have an amputation of her leg.
I removed the post shortly after receiving a call at home from the Orthopaedic Specialist who had looked at the x rays.
He was very much against amputation and recommended that we leave the leg uncovered and let it heal itself.  She still has the other three bones to support the broken one and he thinks this is the best option.
I cannot for the life of me understand why she had to have splints on for 8 weeks if this is the way forward but I am not the expert.

This is what the leg looked like yesterday after coming out of the splint.
The toes are swollen and the inside of the 'knee' is raw.
The vet was angling for pinning the leg but reading up on this I did not fancy putting her through it and then maybe it going wrong as it appears it often does.
So thank goodness for the expert opinion.

Today she has cleaned it up a bit and is managing to walk a few steps.  The heat isn't helping but I do feel that overall she is better than she was.
So, £700 later I am hoping that there will be no more visits to the vet. 
We both feel drained today after not sleeping much last night going over and over what to do but a good nights sleep tonight and we'll be back on track tomorrow.

Meanwhile 'Bayleaf' the gardener is watering the 'Bijou' garden having a close eye kept on him by Miss Polly the overseer. lol
Really pleased with it this year, everything has been brilliant.

Saturday, 30 June 2018


 Papier Mache figures sat just inside the door of a cafe we go to.
Love the corduroy trousers made out of corrugated cardboard.

This one looks a bit like one of the Rolling Stones,  Keith Richards maybe?

The whole ensemble.